10th Folk Road Race – Antonis Tritsis park 2022



As part of the events of the 48th KNE-ODIGITI Festival, the KNE Sports CAMP is being held for one more year. This year is an anniversary year as it marks 10 years since the 1st KNE Sports Camp. The passion and voluntary work of the members and friends of KNE are the same ingredients with which the Sports Camp has been prepared for years now. Without sponsors and sponsors highlighting the modern need of the youth for access to sport. These elements have turned the KNE-ODIGITI Festival into a political-cultural as well as sports institution, one of the most important in the country.

Every year the People’s Street Games connect and highlight the modern needs of the youth, the problems they face, the need to organize and fight against them. The Road Games have from time to time been linked to the fight against all drugs, to the need to upgrade green spaces, to the demand for free access to sports areas, to the essential support of sports clubs, etc. So again this year we have chosen to focus again on a topic that we have highlighted, and it is at the center of initiatives that KNE consistently undertakes, that of the “Fight Against All Drugs” and the contribution that sport can have in this direction. So we invite everyone to participate in this year’s 10th People’s Road Race which will be held in Antonis Tritsis Park on 18/9 with a start time of 10.00am. Detailed instructions for the race follow.

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