1st Mykonos Running Festival 2022



1st Mykonos Running Festival A new race, very strong, to be held on September 30, October 1 and 2 in Mykonos. The website of the race: www.mykonosrunningfestival.org

In line with the standards of major international events, the MYKONOS RUNNING FESTIVAL will be for all participants a multi-day experience, with sports as its main axis and their participation in one of the routes of the competition program, providing the opportunity for quality tourism while simultaneously participating in environmental actions, cultural events and social events. The event’s full program will also provide significant commercial development and exposure opportunities for its sponsors and supporters.

STRATEGIC GOALS MYKONOS RUNNING FESTIVAL to be placed on the World sports scene as an event commensurate with the readability and glamor of the island’s name, acquiring a specific “identity” highlighting the uniqueness of the place, in accordance with the vision and philosophy of the organizers.

● To be recorded in the public consciousness as a sporting, social, touristic and business event that can be fully utilized for the sporting and social promotion of the island and the country, additionally contributing to the business and tourism development of the area

● To have a competitive program that will cover all categories of athletes and all ages. Female champions, runners of all ages and fitness levels and runners with disabilities, will participate in the great sporting and social celebration.

● The organization should have a high-level program of parallel events, of a business, social, entertainment and cultural nature.

● With an organizational philosophy of the high quality of safety and support services provided to runners of all ages and racing conditions and the provision of adequate participation packages to them, to become a high-level event, so that the feeling of the runners before, during and after the completion of the their experience, to be excellent.

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