The Municipality of Andritsaina-Krestena, with co-organizers the “GS ATHLISI” Sports Club and the Region of Western Greece, announces the 1st Road Race with the name “1st RUN ANDRITSAINA-KRESTENA – 14 KM -2 KM -1 KM”. which will take place on Sunday 09/04/2023. The competition program will be held according to the following conditions: Date of Conduct: Sunday 09 April 2023 Details of Road Races:

Running Route 14 km. Start Time: 10:00 Starting Point: TEMPLE OF EPIKOURI APOLLO! Categories: General category Men – Women 18th – 34th Year Men – Women 35-49th year Men – Women 50 and over Men – Women. Route: Through the Epikouriou Apollonos-Andritsaina provincial road, the athletes finish at the Central Square of Andritsaina. Eligibility: To participate in the running race (14 km) one must be at least 18 years of age.

 The participation fee is 10 euros.

ROAD RACE 2 km. Start Time: 11:00 Starting Point: Andritsaina Square Eligibility: To participate in the Running Race (2 km) one must be at least 12 years of age. Categories. 13th – 15th Boys – Girls (High School) 16th – 18th Men – Women (High School) Adult Men – Women. ROAD RACE 1 km. Start Time: 11:15 Starting Point: Andritsaina Square Eligibility: Running race (1 km) for primary school students • Cost of Participation for children under 18

The participation fee is 3 euros

Prizes: A medal is awarded to each of the top three classification winners in all four Men’s and Women’s categories. The first male and female athlete will be awarded a cup. All runners who finish will be given a commemorative medal.

Declarations of Participation: Declarations of participation must be made by Thursday, April 6, 2023. You can participate: By online registration via the site: www.pirgosathleticevents.gr Pyrgos Municipal Stadium (G.S. Sports) Aiolos Sports Center (Football Academy) RIGAS Sports Center Allowances • Electronic Timing (official time and ranking) • Participation number • Technical t-shirt with race logos in your size. • Commemorative participation medal • Transfer from Andritsaina square to Epicourio Apollo • Storage of clothing Health coverage In any case, all runners participate at their own risk. The organizers have no responsibility for anything that happens related to health issues and is due to a lack of preventive medical control. It is recommended that participants have undergone a recent medical examination before participating in the race. The organizers will not request medical certificates for any athlete, since all participants compete at their own risk. Participants must sign the electronic disclaimer. • Support stations Along the route of the 14 km road race there will be support stations for the runners. Bottled water will be available to all participants at the start, 5km, 9km and finish. • Match completion time limit The time limit for finishing the 14 km race is 2 hours after the start, finish 12:00. ATTENTION: Athletes who may continue their effort beyond the specified time limit, must know that they are running or walking at their own risk. Traffic will hand over the racing route to traffic gradually, after the last runner has passed through the fueling stations within the set time limit. • Electronic timing and results Electronic timing will be carried out by a timing company. For this reason runners should wear the timing chip they receive together with their participation number from the registration center. Attention: Your time will not be recorded and you will not be included in the results if you do not have the timing chip placed in your shoe or behind your number and do not pass over the timing mats. File pickup center • In the starting area • Pyrgos Municipal Stadium (G.S.ATHLISI) • Aiolos Sports Center (Football Academy) • RIGAS Sports Center FRIDAY 07/04/2023 HOURS OF OPERATION: 16:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m. SATURDAY 08/04/2023 HOURS OF OPERATION: 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m Route details: • Cancellation policy Cancellations are accepted only upon written request and only until 02 April 2023. After this date, no cancellation requests will be accepted. THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE

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