1st Sacrifice Road Race “Kakolyri 1944” 2023



Due to the national elections, the 1st Road of Sacrifice “Kakolyri 1944” and the commemoration ceremony are moved to June 17 and 18, 1944. The story of the holocaust of Kakolyrio (Taxiarches Kymi) is not a fairy tale for small children. It speaks of terror, hunger, fire and death.
It chronicles the horrors of war and is utterly true. On May 24, 1944, the heroic Kakoliri, the most suffering village in all of Evia, paid dearly the price of freedom. German SS troops invaded the village. The Germans, accompanied by a battalion of police officers, began to arrest, without discrimination, all the male inhabitants. They even arrested fourteen-year-old teenagers, while at the same time setting fire to houses, beatings, indescribable looting and theft.
Their criminal behavior was even directed against women, children and the elderly. The arrested men of Kakolyrio, with obvious signs of the savage beating they had suffered, faced the German detachment in the afternoon of the same day at the location “Kadiou – Giannidon Bridge” (Ag. Symeon). Along with the Kakolyrians, six more residents of neighboring villages were executed. These villages were Pyrgos, Andronianoi, Vitalo and Orologio. Thirty innocent people lost their lives that day.

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