3rd round of Mani 2021



The following is the announcement of the event regarding the new date of the 3rd Round of Mani:

“Dear runners…

Unfortunately, the latest developments regarding the pandemic of COVID 19, force us to proceed with the cancellation, for the scheduled date of March 13, 2021, of the 3rd ROUND OF MANI!

As you can see, the restrictions that are still in force and are becoming more and more, are a brake regarding the conduct of the 80.5km long distance race. at least at this stage!


We have promised you that before 2021, and due to the 200th anniversary of the proclamation of the Greek Revolution, the struggle will take place, ANYWAY, AS LONG AS THE CONDITIONS OFFER PERMITTED!

Based on the predictions that the pandemic will present a recession from the summer onwards, and taking into account the other long distance races that take place in our country, IF EVERYTHING GOES WELL, THE 3rd ROUND OF MANI, WILL TAKE PLACE ON SATURDAY 20 NOVEMBER 27

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