Karpenissi Trail


Sunday 9/10/2022



Evritania is known to all for its mountains, rivers and lakes. A field ideal for all mountain sports and all year round. Skiing in Velouchi in winter, rafting in Trikeriotis in spring, river trekking in the cool waters of the famous gorge “Panta Vrechei” in summer and mountain biking in the fir forests of Helidona in autumn! Ideal destination to enjoy the magic of nature by choosing the sport that expresses it!

Friends of mountain running, the time has come to enjoy the land of Evrytania in their own way. An event that came to “shake the waters” and stay! Karpenissi Trail 7-8-9 / 10/2022. On the paths of the famous mountain range of Kaliakouda. A mountain next to Karpenisi with a height of 2100m. Three routes for all tastes and a children’s one.

  • Kaliakouda Trail 26K (D + 1900m)
  • Lakomata Trail 13K (D + 980m)
  • Gavros Trail 6K (D + 450m)
  • Kaliakouda Junior 1K
The routes designed by the great athlete of Evritania Dimitris Eleftheriou and the collaboration of Nikos Liapis. In 2017 
& 2018 the games took place for the first time. However, the Municipality of Karpenisi restarts and in 2022 prepares a 
number of events. The races will be held starting from Megalo Chorio on Saturday, October 8. On Sunday there will be 
a three (3) hour hike for young and old.

All the information of the games is posted on www.karpenissitrail.gr. Registrations have started and we are waiting for 
you to run to the most mountainous destination in the country!

Unique experience …..  Karpenissi trail!!!

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