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Sunday 12/9/2022


The Association "EN Knowledge of Action" organizes a unique race for lovers of Sports and Nature in the beautiful 
mountains of Lesvos with the support of local collections and authorities. For the second year you are organizing the 
Rock & Trail Lesvos in the beautiful mountains of Lesvos. It is a 3-day mountain running race in Mytilene - Lesvos. 
The race will be held in the wider area of ​​Agiasos and on Mount Olympus.
The aim of the event is to highlight the natural beauties of our place, while promoting Sports. In recent years, tourism 
worldwide has changed direction and it has been proven that tourists now choose their holiday destination based on 
the activities offered by each place and the wide variety of options. We firmly believe that the island of Lesvos is 
suitable for development and promotion around the world, as it harmoniously combines sea, mountain, forests, which 
can meet any tourist need.
This event, with data from similar ones that take place throughout Greece and have now become an institution in 
many European countries has exactly this goal: To attract as many participants as possible - potential tourists who 
will really know what it has to offer the island of natural beauty. With this in mind, we decided as an Association to 
take the initiative for the good of our place and to organize for the second consecutive mountain running race in the 
beautiful Agiasos.The Race that became an annual institution with the participation of athletes from all over Greece 
such as Giannis Kourkourikis, Thomas Androutsos, Manos Orfanos, George Maniotis but also athletes from all over 
Greece who came to participate. The choice of location was based on the unique hiking trails, but also the forest parts 
with unparalleled wild beauty. Also for the promotion of the Natural beauty of the protected Forest of Agiasos by 
UNESCO. Our supporters in this action are the Museum of Natural History and the HARTA Series is based on the 
evaluation of the performance of athletes at such events nationwide. 
Come to beautiful Lesvos to enjoy the 2nd Rock & Trail Running Lesvos

The competition program is as follows:

Friday 10 September: Start of Games (18:00)
Vertical. Ascent 2.5 km with 300 meters altitude. This race will take place a little further out of Mytilene, in the area of 
​​Amali. This race is a big challenge for tough riders.
Saturday, September 11: Start of races (18:00)
1000m + 1500m + 5km & 10km
Races for all his friends off-road. From ages 6 to 45+. This race will take place in the wider area of ​​Agiasos, in Megali  
Limni (start and finish from the junction for Ampeliko in the Park). 

Sunday, September 12: Start of the race (7:00 in the morning)
On Sunday we will have 3 matches. The Selection is yours 7.5 km with 400 altitude, 26km with 1560 and 40 Km with 
2200 meters altitude. This 40 km long distance race that will impress every participant. 40 km in beautiful forest paths 
but also technical paths, where the possibilities of all participants will be tested. From Asomatos to Ampelikos and 
from Agios Dimitrios to Agios Fanourios.

Rock & Trail in Lesvos. We expect you gladly!

* Special discounts for all participants outside Lesvos. Contact us at 6948183605.

More information on our official site 

Registrations for the matches can also be made there. 

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