Thessaloniki Stage Run 2023



Just a stone’s throw from our country’s 2nd largest city, Sheikh Shou, provides trails and locations you won’t believe where they are. A race designed to make you forget about the neighboring urban landscape and make you immerse yourself in unique paths and enchanting routes. It is with great pleasure that we announce the Thessaloniki Stage Run.

A three-tier competition that will take place on November 10-11-12. The routes are the result of extensive experimentation and endless hours of training aimed at creating a unique experience that will satisfy every level of athlete. TSR borrows the names of its individual races from the usual tenants of Sheikh Su – the nocturnal fox, the patient wild boar and the stray dogs that we unfortunately encounter more and more often in the forest.

To successfully finish the Thessalonik Stage Run one must run and finish all 3 races of the event. Nevertheless, participants are given the opportunity to take part in as many races as they wish. The first run of the TSR will take place under the moonlight, in a spectacular night experience with dominant road elements, as the race will be 80% on forest roads, mainly for safety reasons.

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