3rd Road race – Lake Tsivlou



he Municipality of Aegialia, with the support of the Athletic Club of Aegio “ATHINODOROS THE AEGEUS”, organizes the 3rd Race of the Road – Round of Lake Tsivlou 10 km for adults and two parallel race roads of 5,5 and 2 km for children.

Match Date: Sunday, October 14, 2018, at 11.00 am

Route: The course of the race is entirely dirt, most of the level with uphill slope in its short length and with minimal altitude difference.

Route Description: The race will start in front of Tsivlos Lake, at the parking lot, while the finish will be on the opposite side of the Lake, in the area above the refreshment. The course will be perimeter of the Lake, 4.5 rounds in the 10 km race and 2.5 rounds in the 5.5 km race, while the 2 km race will follow closely, almost flat (with small slopes) , route to the same dirt road.

Participation right:

In the 10 km race: Those who have reached the age of 15.
In the 5.5 km race: Children aged 12 and above (born until 2006), as well as adults wishing to run the 5.5 km distance (both experienced and beginner runners).
In the 2 km race: Children aged 7 years and over (born until 2011), as well as adults wishing to run at a distance of 2 km or walkers wishing to drive with a dynamic walk.
Adult athletes run under their own responsibility and minors under the responsibility of their parents. All athletes (minors and adults) should, under the care and responsibility of their own adults and their parents, be minors, should have undergone recent medical examinations. For the participation of each minor athletes, a responsible statement must be submitted to the Registry of the Games, which must be completed and signed by the minor’s parents and made available by the organizers. The participation of each athlete in the race implies the full and unconditional acceptance by him of all the terms of the notice.

Categories in races of 10 and 5.5 km:

1) Men’s General Category.

2) General Women’s Class.

Categories in the 2 km race:

1) General Category of Dogs (up to 11 years of age, ie since 2007).

2) General Category of Girls (up to 11 years of age, ie born in 2007).

The participation of all athletes in the match is free of charge.

Predicted: For all athletes – runners to end commemorative medals.

Prizes: Cups will be awarded in the first and the first of each category and medals of distinction (gold, silver, bronze) in the top three of each category.

Supply stations: Every 2,5 km of water will be available for the athletes and the sandwich and water will be offered at the finish.

Runners’ Support: The event will be organized with the coverage of volunteers and the support of the Municipality of Aegialia and the NDWM. “Culture, Education, Sports, Social Protection” of the Municipality of Aegialia.


Entries will be submitted only by email at info@athinodoros.gr (each athlete will have to provide the following information: name, surname, date of birth, event to participate, association and contact phone number). No other participation form is required to participate in the match, nor will the sender send a reply email to the participant.

Entries must be submitted electronically only by Wednesday, October 10, 2018 or earlier if the maximum runner limit is reached.

Maximum runner limit: Two hundred (200) runners for the 10 km, 5.5 km and 2 km (except for walkers) races.

The organizers reserve the right to change the terms of this notice at any time if this is required for organizing matches.

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