Prologue 2
Article 1:   Organizing Committee & Executive Organizing Committee 3
Article 2:  Eligibility – Applications: 4
Article 3:  Ages, Categories and boats 5
Article 4:  Conducting system & Regulations 5
Article 5:  Medical examination of participants & Medical coverage 7
Article 6:  Obligations of participants 6
Article 7:  Objections 6
Article 8:  Prizes Medals 7
Article 9:   Other provisions 7


The Municipal Societe Anonyme of Agios Nikolaos and the Cultural Sports Organization of Agios Nikolaos are organizing STAND UP PADDLING (SUP) demonstration events on Saturday 10, 11 July 2021 entitled AGIOS NIKOLAOS on SUP 2021. The event will also hold OWS races and Aquathlon.

The events AGIOS NIKOLAOS on SUP 2021 have as primary goal the development of the noble rivalry, the development of the love for the sea and the touristic promotion of the place.

Agios Nikolaos on SUP lasts two days and will be held in the Sea area between Plaka, Elounda, Marina Agios Nikolaos and Kalo Chorio, depending on the weather conditions. The locations, the start time and the routes may change up to 2 hours before each start, the relevant announcements will be made on the page of the event

or the page


The temporary program of the event is:

Friday 9th of July 2021

Attendance of athletes, escorts, spectators
Pasta party 

SUP Races

Saturday 10th of July 2021

15 km SUP starting from Plaka beach – Spinalonga
4 km Fun SUP starting from Havania beach

Sunday 11th of July 2021

Sprint SUP with start and finish at Lake Agios Nikolaos
Technical SUP with start and finish in the Lake of Agios Nikolaos

On Saturday or Sunday (depending on the weather) we are going to have 3 wing foil races with the right to fly, side races for about 500m, as seen in the photo below:

OWS Races

Saturday 10th of July 2021

10 km Open Water Swimming starting at the beach at Mylos
4 km Open Water Swimming starting from Havania beach

Sunday 11th of July 2021

2 km Open Water Swimming with start and finish at Lake Agios Nikolaos
1 km Open Water Swimming with start and finish at Lake Agios Nikolaos

Aquathlon race

Saturday 10th of July 2021

Aquathlon (500m swimming & 5km city run) with start and finish on the lake of Agios Nikolaos

For relevant information you can contact the President of DAEAN. Farsari Michalis on the phone 6936797756, the president of PAODAN. Mr. Alexakis Haris on the phone 6972309424 and the CEO of DAEAN. Garefalaki Michalis at 6980989984

For more information, visit the event pages.


Route plans: or here



For the needs of the event, an Executive Organizing Committee is appointed, which consists of the members of the organizers as well as representatives of the local sports community and executives of the Municipality of Agios Nikolaos.


Farsaris Michalis DAEAN Chairman
Thanos Karaiskos Herakleion ΑC SUP SURF President
Ioanna Roussoglou NASAN Member
Nansy Karaindrou NASAN Member
Dimitris Grigorakis NASAN Member
Belar Diaz Eurotour representative


The coordinator of the event is Farsaris Michalis, chairman of DAEAN (tel. 6936797756). Absent members of the committee are replaced by alternate members of the organization.

The task of the executive committee is:

  • The general organization and management of the event.
  • The application of the terms of this announcement.
  • The control and approval of the statements – applications for participation and the certificates of participation and the supporting documents that will be presented by the participants.
  • The way of holding the event.
  • The selection and the draw of the definition of the judges of the event.
  • The selection and appointment of the participating doctors (approval of the list of doctors and substitutes).
  • The selection of the venues of the event.
  • The adjudication of objections and the imposition of penalties.
  • The implementation of the program of the event.
  • The oral and written information of the members of the board of directors of the involved bodies.
  • The development of parallel events for the participating groups.
  • Finding of sponsors for the event.
  • The posting of the results of the event.
  • The publication of the results of the event in the printed and electronic press.
  • The solution of the problems that will be presented in the implementation of the event, and in the general application of this announcement.


Article 2: Eligibility – Applications:

Eligible to participate in the event are all those who have completed the 5th year of age and are in perfect physical and mental condition as long as they complete and sign the necessary application form and disclaimer of adult or minor liability, as well as they must present a recent medical certificate. Children up to the age of 18 need a signed permit from their guardian. Entries are made electronically at

Participations in the event can be made by groups or individuals or by groups in all categories, until Tuesday 6-7-2021, electronically at

Starting of registrations: 4/6/2021

Closing of early bird participations: 21/6/2021

Closing of registrations: 6/7/2021

The participation of each athlete is done by filling in the electronic registration form and on-site payment using a card (credit or debit) at


Early booking* Late booking**
Eurotour Pro 15km €65 €85
15km SUP amateurs €35 €45
4km SUP €15 €25
Sprint SUP €10 €20
Technical SUP €10 €20


Applications with all the necessary supporting documents must be submitted electronically according to the program or to the secretariat of the event.

An electronic timing will be available at the event. Participants who do not confirm their participation before the start of each race  will not be considered in the electronic timing.

All technical data and results related to the event, under the responsibility of the Organizing Executive Committee will be posted on or in Facebook, as well as at the venue of the event.

It is clarified to the participants that the Organizing Committee has every right to change the routes, the direction, the start and the end of the routes, depending on the prevailing weather conditions. The announcement of the changes will be made no later than 2 hours before the start of each route.




Prizes of € 6,000 have been established for the event which will be distributed only on the long distance route of the Eurotour event.

In order for each category to be awarded, the minimum participation for each category must be 4 people.


If there are 4 entries in a category, a prize will be awarded, but not on the podium.

BIC 12’6 boats will be available, which will be distributed to participants with qualifiers. The event will provide the qualifiers with a boat, oar and leash.


Article 3: Ages, Categories and vessels

The following demonstrations will take place on the first day:

–  up to 15 km for boats up to 14 ‘. Finish at the lake of Agios Nikolaos. – qualifying process for the ISA 2021 World Cup.

The amateur category will have a joint start and timing with the professionals, results will be announced separately for professionals, amateurs and in total for everyone or the participants.

– 4 km FUN SUP for men, women and children with a choice of boat length under 12′ and inflatables (unique category), degree of fun without limits!

The second day there is going to be a demonstration of:

– 200 m Sprint SUP race for boats up to 14 ‘- qualifying process for the ISA 2021 world

  • 3-5 km. Technical SUP race – qualifying process for the ISA 2021 world


Participants can choose from the following table options:

event / age-gender class <18 Men Women Men 40+
Eurotour Long Distance event 8-15 kms up to 14′ board length (pro/amateur)
4 kms FUN SUP
Sprint SUP
Technical SUP

For the “FUN” race there will be a separate category for inflatable boards. In all of the above, there will be a category for board lengths 12’6 and 14 ’, if there are at least 4 entries.


Year of Birth

Sprint Sup


Technical Sup


200m 700m 1000m

All routes are posted on the event page.


Article 4: Conducting system & Event regulations

In the event, the regulations of ISA – STAND UP PADDLING (sup) are applied or where, in the Regulation, the word ISA is replaced by Agios Nikolaos On Sup.

Participants must paddle upright along the route following the markings made with large visible buoys.


Each participant, depending on the distance he chooses, will receive from the secretariat of the event during the registration his T-shirt with his participation number.

n case one of the participants feels unwell or needs help or change of equipment and can not continue the race, he nods with his hand so that the escort boats can locate him and help him without obstructing the course of another participant.

It is pointed out that the timing will be electronic and  manual.


Article 5: Medical examination of participants & Medical coverage.

The medical condition and the participation of the athletes in the event is purely their responsibility. The organizers are obliged to provide medical assistance to an emergency medical event during the races in collaboration with a medical team.

A prerequisite for participation in the event is that the athletes’ have been checked by a specialized doctor and he has confirmed their good medical and physical condition. The above is proven for each person with a doctor’s certificate (physician-cardiologist, general practitioner).

Participation in the event is possible only for adults by submitting a statement by the participant and the necessary supporting documents.

The participation in the event for minors is approved only with the submission of the relevant application signed by the guardians/ parents of the minor which will be accompanied by a medical certificate or a copy of sports card signed by a club doctor and a responsible statement of participation signed by their guardians/ parents.

The organizers are responsible for the appointment and presence of a specialized doctor during the event, in collaboration with the public health organization. The presence of a doctor at the event is certified by the judge before the start of the event, who is obliged not to start or stop the event if there is no doctor.


 Article 6 – Obligations of participants

The participants who will participate in the event are obliged to:

  • To behave properly according to the code of conduct and ethics of athletes.
  • To wear appropriate clothing during the event which ensures their safety.
  • Carry a lifeboat if requested by the event and a leash that will connect them to their boat during the event.
  • Arrive on time at the venue of the event 60 ‘before the start of the event.


Article 7. Objections

Each participant has the right to submit an objection or objections in accordance with the ISA regulation The objections are submitted to the secretariat of the event and are judged by the Executive Organizing Committee.


Article 8. Prizes – medals of participation

All participants will be awarded a souvenir of participation in the event, and a souvenir T-shirt.                                   

All participants in the categories that will occupy the first three places will be awarded a medal.

The event has established prizes of € 6,000.00 that will be distributed only at the Eurotour category long distance event according to These prizes and awards will be presented at a special closing ceremony organized by the Organizing Committee on July 10 and 11, 2021 at the Lake of Agios Nikolaos.


Article 9. Other provisions:

It is recommended that participants have adequate clothing (to meet all phases of the event).

Anything not regulated by this proclamation is regulated by the Organizing Committee of the event.



The organizer as well as the participants, are obliged to comply with the health protocols, for which all participants will be informed by personal mail via email or the website of the event.



The organizers reserve the right to modify this announcement and for any change there will be timely information for the athletes (event site, facebook page, e-mail to those already registered).

The event will set a maximum number of entries per event – a number that will be announced at the start of registration – in which priority will be given to those who have completed their registration early.


The Chairman of the Organizing Committee

Farsaris Michalis