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The Cultural Association of Ypsilantis, with co-organizers the Municipality of Aliartos-Thespies, the OPASTE (Cultural Development Organization of Central Greece) the local community, the Aliartista Runners Association, the Kopaidos Athletic Union, the Athletic Ypsilantis Club, the Athletic Swimming Club of Livadia (AKOL) and the support of EAS SEGAS Eastern Sterea.


the 1st Mountain Road Race, ¨IPSILANTIS TRAIL¨ 2023

(1st race 21 km long route)
(2nd race, 11 km long route)
(3rd race of students, 1000m long)

Date of the event: Sunday 14 May 2023

Venue: Community of Ypsilantis, Municipality of Aliartos – Thespies in the prefecture of Viotia.

Time of the event:

1st race of 21 km, the start will be at 09:00 a.m.
2nd race route of 11 km at 09.45 a.m.
3rd match of students at 09:55 a.m.


The two routes start and end at the same point, the central square of the community of Ypsilantis. The routes of the race start from an altitude of 210 meters and reach the highest point at 865 m. For the 1st route and 775 m. for the 2nd route.
In the 1st route the 18 km are paths, the 2 km forest roads and the 1000 meters of asphalt with a positive altitude that exceeds 1,260 m.

In the 2nd route the 8,000 m. Are paths, the 2km. forest road, and the 1000m asphalt with the positive altitude exceeding 750m.

The routes will be marked with:
Metal plates with direction arrow.
Signs adapted to distinct points.
Project film in conspicuous places on the routes.

The last runner on both routes will be followed by an experienced attendant (broom) with liquids, food and medicine.


The race is open to men and women, who have completed the eighteenth (18) year of their age. The routes are also suggested to inexperienced runners, from mountain running races as the difficulty factor is not very high.

Each athlete personally assumes the responsibility of the necessary medical examination, before the race and is obliged to complete the relevant responsible statement during the electronic registration.

In the race of 1,000 m, the right to participate are those born from 2008 to 2011 older (from 9 years old) students by presenting during their registration a responsible statement of a parent or guardian or an association of which they are members.


Registrations open on Tuesday 21 March 2022 and will be completed on Wednesday 11 May 2022 at 22:00
Registrations can be made: Only online, by filling out the relevant form at: aliartistas.gr

Participation fee:

For the 1st route of 21 km, the cost is 15 €, and includes electronic timing by the company CHRONOLOG, wonderful technical t-shirt, supply to five (5) stations and a medal for all athletes who will finish in the scheduled time.
For the 2nd 11 km, the cost is 10 € and includes electronic timing from the company CHRONOLOG, a wonderful technical t-shirt, supply to three (3) stations and a medal for all athletes who will finish.

For the 3rd route of the students 1000 meters the participation is free and includes a medal.


Payments are accepted only by card (Debit, Credit or Prepaid).
In case of cancellation of participation, refunds are made up to 10 days before (05
May 2022) with a surcharge of 2.00 €.
Replacement of a position will be accepted by another athlete only with authorization, strictly until this date.


The delivery-receipt of the numbers, from the secretariat of the match, will take place in the spiritual center of the community and the storage of the clothes in the same place.

a. On Saturday 14/05/2022 from 18:00 to 21:00.
b. On Sunday 15/05/2022, from 07:00 a.m. until 08:45 a.m.

In order to avoid synchronization, the matches will not be technically updated.

The time limit for the 1st route of 21 km is 5 hours and is common for men and women, with an intermediate limit of 3 hours at the 10th km, at the place “KRYFOVRISI”. Those athletes who arrive at the exclusion point late are obliged to hand over their participation number to the managers of the control station and their return to the finish area will be done through the Organizing Committee. At three points along the way, people from the event will record the passage of the athletes.
On the 2nd route of 11 km, there is no time limit for exclusion, but a limit of 3 hours for completion.
Any athlete who leaves the race, must go to the nearest control station, provide his entry number, where he will be informed about how to return to the finish.


1st route of 21 km, there will be power stations:
1. 2nd km. Water
2. 4th km complete
3. 10.2 km complete
4. 15.5 km complete

5. 18th km. Water.

2nd route of 11 km, there will be three power stations:
1. 2nd km. Water.
2. 4th km complete
3. 8th km. Water


Mandatory equipment is not required for athletes, but it is recommended to have minimal equipment, such as a hat, water tank.
Those athletes who estimate that they will be helped during the race, the use of Baton will be allowed from the 3rd km.
Water will only be offered in a water tank and isotonic, Coca-Cola in a disposable cup.


Souvenirs – prizes:
a. For the first three winners of the General Classification, men & women of both routes: Cup – Finish medal and sponsors’ gifts.
b. For those who finish in the 2nd route of 11 km, as well as those who finish on time in
1st route of 21 km. Weighted medal. c. Categories
Only for the 1st route of the 21 km men.
Age categories
c.1. 18 to 39 years old: Cups the first three. c.2. 40 to 49 years old: Cups the first three. c.3. 50 to 59 years old: Cups the first three.
c.2. 60 years and older: Cups the first three.
d. Only for the 1st route of the 21 km women. d.1 18 to 39 years old: Cups the first three d.2 40 to 49 years old: Cups the first three d.2 50 to 59 years old: Cups the first three
e. 59+ years old: Cups the first three


In any case, all competitors participate at their own risk.

The organizers have no responsibility for what happens, during the race, regarding health issues due to lack of preventive medical examination.

The organizing authority is not responsible in case of injury, as explicitly stated in the responsible statement, for better control and the provision of immediate assistance, there will be a Voluntary Rescue Team along the route of the race.

The exclusive responsibility for the safety of the athletes will be guaranteed by the presence of the Greek Search & Rescue team of Livadia, which will be on standby along the route, and there will be a doctor at the finish area.

Every athlete must be careful in his movement, especially on the paths and give his turn to faster ones, who ask to overtake. In case of injury, the organizing committee should be notified immediately, by runners who are aware of such an incident. The Organizing Committee does not bear any responsibility for any health or physical integrity problems of the athletes who will participate in the race.


The organizing committee due to the pandemic with covid -19 adapts all the data to the following protocol, (if it changes after the publication of the announcement there will be an update) which will guarantee to the maximum extent the safety and hygiene of all participants:

Maximum number of participants is set:

200 athletes for the first race of 21 km, of which 190 (95%) will be with a certificate valid for illness or vaccination and 10 (5%) with PCR 72 last hours or rapid test 48 hours
200 athletes for the second race of 11 km, of which 190 (95%) will be with a certificate valid for illness or vaccination and 10 (5%) with PCR 72 last hours or rapid test 48 hours.

Right to participate in these two races will be those who have accepted the terms of the event, which are provided by the current rules for racing and will need one of the following documents:

1. Vaccination certificate valid on the day of the race.

2. Disease certificate valid on the day of the race.

3. PCR test of the last 72 hours.

4.Rapid test of the last 48 hours.

We clarify that the use of a negative self test result will not be acceptable

  • The provided water, isotonic, nuts and fruits at the filling stations will be taken by the participants themselves, without the mediation of the volunteers, who will be there to provide assistance and observe the rules of hygiene.
  • During the registration, a health questionnaire will be completed which will certify the good health of the athletes and will be used for tracking until the next 5 days after the race.
  • All participants, before receiving the entry number, will deliver the corresponding copy of the certificate to the secretariat with the necessary document for identification, police ID, diploma.

The validity of the certificates will be checked electronically with the official application of the Ministry. Those who do not submit the above certificates, are automatically excluded from the race.

Under no circumstances will participation be allowed without the presentation of the above documents.

Volunteers, staff and associates who will be at the secretariat and start-up area will be required to wear a protective mask, be provided with a valid vaccination or disease certificate or a 72-hour or 48-hour rapid PCR, and will be frequently disinfected hands with antiseptic liquid for as long as they are present in the specific areas.

In case of covid19 case, the EODY protocol will be applied for the general population:


As the awards are prohibited, the athletes after the finish, using a mask, will go to a specially designed area to receive the commemorative medal from the table and when the award is announced, the winners of all categories will receive the cups alone them from a separate table without any contact and overcrowding.


Athletes who do not pass the checkpoints will be canceled, after the final check of the intermediate result and their names will be removed from the scoreboard. An exclusion is provided for voluntary dumping of inorganic rubbish (packaging from non-recyclable material) on the race routes, as well as for refusing suggestions from individuals of the Organizing Committee.


Objections will be made only by the athlete himself, up to & 30 minutes after the finish. The decision of the committee, which consists of the Director of the race, the person in charge of the route and the person in charge of the judges, is final and cannot be challenged.


In case of cancellation of the race, the Organizing Committee will set a new date.


At the secretariat there will be care for personal belongings.


For same day transfer from Athens – Aliartos and return, by KTEL Livadia buses The station is located at 26 Stratigou Dagli Street, in the area of Treis Gefyres.
Contact telephones: Athens – 2108317173, Livadia – 2261028336


Saturday 14-05-2022, from 18.00 to 21:00 delivery of numbers
Sunday 15-05-2022, from 07:00 to 09:00 a.m. delivery of numbers
Sunday 15-05-2022, at 09:00 a.m. start of the 1st race of 21 km.
Sunday 15-05-2022, at 09:45 a.m. start of the 3rd race of 11 km.
Sunday 15-05-2022, at 09:55 a.m. start of the 2nd race of 1000m.
Sunday 15-05-2022, at 14:00 p.m. awards at the finish area.
Sunday 15-05-2022, at 15:30 pm closing of the race.


For more information, those interested in the 21 km and 11 km races can contact:
To Mr. Christos Polatsidis tel. 6932222453, for technical information & to tel. 6934553978, Ms. Komna Katerina tel. 6978400753 for information regarding registrations.
For the students’ fight information on tel. 6973383927 Ms. Eleni Zota professor of physical education and 6977451385.




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