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14th Road Race 21.1 km. Kalampaka-Trikala “Thanasis Stamopoulos” Sunday 12 March 2023

The Association of Runners of Trikala organizes the 13th Road Race 21.1 km Kalampaka-Trikala “Thanasis Stamopoulos” which is under the auspices of the Region of Thessaly – Regional Unit of Trikala, the Hellenic Federation of Popular Sports Associations – YPOS and with co-organizers the Municipalities of Trikala and Meteora. In parallel with the 21 km Road Race, a 5 km race will be held in the city of Trikala. The date of the games was set for Sunday, March 13, 2022.

CONTACT General topics – Information: info@trikalahalfmarathon.org

Match Registration Issues: registrations@trikalahalfmarathon.org

COMMUNICATION HOURS: DAILY 10: 00-13: 00 AND 18: 00-20: 00

Race information: Lipas Christos, Tel .: 6932207380 Daoulas Dimitrios, Tel. : 6906465750


SUNDAY, MARCH 12, 2023



Sunday 13 March 2022 Start: at 10:00 a.m. Central Kalampaka square (Riga Fereou square) Finish: Central square of Trikala (Iroon Polytechnic square) The total distance of the route is 21.1 km (certified by AIMS) starting from Kalambaka and ending in the central square of Trikala, on an asphalt road and with a slight downhill slope along its entire length. Race route: Start of Riga Fereou Kalampaka square on Trikalon street in the direction of Trikala. The athletes then move in the right lane of the national road Trikala Kalampaka and towards the end of it to the intersection of Agioi Theodoroi at the 7th kilometer. There they enter the side street and continue until the entrance of the city of Trikala to the side street. Then they move on Kalampakas Street to Epirou Street, cross the bridge and from there they enter Stratigou Sarafi Street to Iroon Polytechnic Square in the center of Trikala where the finish is. Refueling and water supply stations at 5km, 10km, 15km, 18km and at the finish.

RACE 5 KM Sunday 13 March 2022 Start: at 10:00 a.m. from the Central Square of Trikala Finish: Central square of Trikala Race route 5 km: Start of the central square of Trikala Iroon Polytechniou in the direction of Stratigou Sarafi Street. After the bridge they continue on Epirou Street and NOT on LAKMONOS Street. They continue on Kalampakas Street until number 98, where the EXCELSIOR coffee delegation is located. There the runners make a reverse and return from Kalampakas, Epirus, Stratigou Sarafi Street to the central square of Trikala where the finish is. Refueling and water supply stations at 2.5 km and at the finish.

REGISTRATION FOR THE 21 KM ROAD RACE. & THE RACE 5 KM. WAYS OF REGISTRATION A) The registrations for the 21 km Road Race and the 5 km Race will open for a certain number of places on February 7, 2022 and will be made through the official website of the race. The official website of the event is the following: https://www.trikalahalfmarathon.org B) In a specially designed space (kiosk) that will be placed on Asklipiou Street near the City Hall. Opening hours Monday – Friday 10:00 – 13:00 and Saturday 10:00 – 14:00 C) At the offices of the association in the sports park of Agios Georgios. Opening hours Tuesday and Thursday 17:00 – 19:00 EXPIRATION OF REGISTRATIONS: MONDAY, MARCH 7, 2022 * For any problem during registration, interested parties can contact the event: By sending an email to: registrations@trikalahalfmarathon.org or at the following contact numbers:




COMMUNICATION HOURS: DAILY 10: 00-13: 00 AND 18: 00-20: 00


The registration cost for the 21km and 5km races is: REGISTRATION TYPE 21 KM. RACE 5 km Individual Registration 15 € 15 € Group Registration 12 € 12 € EXPIRATION OF DOCUMENTS 07/03/2022 07/03/2022 Group registrations are for members of EOSLMA (Hellenic Federation of Popular Mass Sports Associations – Long Distance) of the whole country that will be registered as a group as well as the participants in a group registration (5 people and more). Cancellations: will not be possible, but it will be possible to transfer the entry to another runner with a statement up to one week before the race.

PAYMENT METHODS Those interested can pay the cost of their participation in the competitions of the event in the following ways: Payment by credit card (payment can be made by credit, debit and prepaid cards) Note: In case the payment of the participation fee has been arranged and you have not received a confirmation email of your registration, please contact the organization directly via email registrations@trikalahalfmarathon.org or by phone with them

DOCUMENT MANAGERS: INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATIONS: 6936503805 – Mr. MOUCHAKIS DIMITRIOS GROUP REGISTRATIONS: 6946905953 – Mr. YONTZIS BYRON MATCH RESPONSIBLE: 6936503805 – Mr. MOUCHAKIS DIMITRIOS WINNERS OF LAST YEAR The participation of the first three of the general classification of men – women of the 21.1 km Road Race of the previous year will be free. In addition, the winner of the men’s category and the winner of the women’s category will have the benefits of free accommodation. Participation in athletes based on their performance in the last two years will also be free. There are two categories and depending on them there will be some additional benefits.



CATEGORY B Marathon Performance <2:25 <2:40 21 km performance <1:08 <1:15 WOMEN ATHLETES Marathon Performance <2:50 <3:10 21 km performance <1:20 <1:29 Elite Athletes can register by sending their details (photocopy of their identity and proof of their performance) to the email of the registrations of the event: registrations@trikalahalfmarathon.org. Elite Athletes of Category A are provided by the event, free accommodation and participation in the race, while Athletes of Category B are provided by the organization of free participation in the race.

PARTICIPATION LIMIT For safety reasons, there will be a limit for participation in the 21 km road race, in the 5 km race.

COMPETITION LIMIT FOR PARTICIPATION 21 km. 1300 5 km. 1300 MATCH FACILITIES In total, the benefits to the runner at the end of his registration are the following: 1. Athlete participation number. 2. Electronic chip timing. 3. Commemorative Engraved Medal. 4. Souvenir technical T-Shirt 5. Water supply, isotonic gel drinks 6. Medical services during and after the race. 7. Transfer of the runners of the 21 km Road Race to the starting point of the race in Riga Fereou Square in Kalampaka from the central square of Trikala and return after the end of the race.

TRANSPORTATION OF ATHLETES For the service of the runners on the day of the race there will be buses both for the transfer of the runners from the central square of Trikala to Kalampaka for the start of the race, and after the end of the race for the return of runners from Trikala to Kalambaka. The buses will depart on Sunday morning from the central square of Trikala to Kalambaka from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. strictly and after the race, buses will return runners to Kalambaka immediately after the awards (at 13:30 pm and at approximately 14:00 pm).

PERSONAL ITEMS Those runners who wish can place their personal belongings in their personal bag and deliver it to the vehicle, which will be there especially for this purpose at the starting point of the race, after first placing the sticker number they will receive together with their entry number and the timing chip from the race secretariat. Delivery of personal items must be made no later than 20 minutes before the start of the race. The collection of personal belongings, immediately after the finish, will be done by the runners themselves and from a specific guarded place in the central square of Trikala, with the demonstration of their participation timing number. CAUTION: Runners should place the entry sticker in a conspicuous place and their bag should be tightly closed. It is also recommended that it does not contain important documents, money, valuables or medicines as the organizers do not bear any responsibility in case of their loss. 


The athletes who compete in the 21.1 km Road Race Kalampaka – Trikala “Thanasis Stamopoulos” are divided into age categories, according to the table below: MEN WOMEN 1 Up to 19 Up to 19 2 20-24 20-24 3 25-29 25-29 4 30-34 30-34 5 35-39 35-39 6 40-44 40-44 7 45-49 45-49 8 50-54 50-54 9 55-59 55-59 10 60-64 60-64 11 65-69 65 years and older 12 70-74 13 75 years and over Club-Race Runners: For the 21.1 km road Race and for the 5 km race there will be team scoring and awarding of the first three Club-Teams. Each team must consist of at least five (5) runners (men or women) and the ranking will be based on the sum of the net finish times of the first five (5) runners of each team. The winning team will be the one with the shortest time. There is also an award for the most numerous team participation in the 21 km Road Race but also in the 5 km race


The first three and the first three of the general classification and the first three of each category will be awarded separate medals and the winners of the categories will be awarded cups. AWARDS No awards will be made at this year’s event, due to the Health protocol. terms of participation


The 21 km and 5 km races. will be carried out in accordance with the regulations set by the EOSLMA-Y federation.


The race 21 km and 5 km. is open to all runners over 18 years old. Runners over 16 years old at 21 km and over 12 years old at 5 km, will be able to participate with an application form and a responsible statement of their guardian. They are submitted by the person exercising parental care and parental custody. By submitting the respective application form, it is considered that the parent’s consent has been given for the child’s participation in the Race. The ranking of runners will be done by age categories.

• The runners who participate in the organization “21km Road Race. Kalampaka-Trikala Thanasis Stamopoulos ”are fully aware and aware of the risks involved in their participation in the event, in terms of possible damage or harm to their health.

• Each runner participates in the organization of “21km Road Race. Kalampaka-Trikala Thanasis Stamopoulos ”with his own free will.

• Each runner participates in the organization of “21km Road Race. Kalampaka-Trikala Thanasis Stamopoulos ”with his own responsibility and bears the full responsibility of his participation in terms of his physical condition and his ability to participate.

• The Organizing Committee of the event “21km Road Race. Kalampaka-Trikala Thanasis Stamopoulos ”do not bear any responsibility in case of injury, damage or other damage that may occur to participants in the event or spectators.


Any participation is considered non-cancellable and involves full acceptance of the regulations. Athletes who can not take part in the race can transfer their registration to another runner until March 7, 2022.


Each athlete of the 21km Road Race. and the 5km race. will be able to pick up the timing chip (Bib), the number, the T-Shirt and various other souvenirs of the race, on Saturday, the day before the race from 10:00 – 19:00 at the place of operation and exhibition of the race, in the central square of Trikala.

ATTENTION: In order to receive the participation packages, it will be necessary to present a police ID or passport (or any official identification document), as well as a valid Certificate of Vaccination or Disease COVID-19. For the unvaccinated and the minors, it will be necessary to present the documents that are described in detail at the beginning of the announcement (valid medical certificate). It is noted that, without the demonstration of all the above, it is NOT possible to receive the number and the participation material of the runner. Delivery of (Bibs) and numbers will be possible on the day of the race at the starting point in the central square of Riga Fereou Kalampaka, regarding the 21km Road Race, UNTIL one hour before the start of the race. For the 5 km race, one hour before in the central square of Iroon Polytechnic in Trikala. In both cases it is necessary to present the registration confirmation and the police ID. Participating runners must have their entry number on the front of their chest during the race. In any other case they may be excluded from the match.


In order to record the finish time but also the intermediate times of the participants and the runners to appear in the official results of the race, all runners must: – Carry the timing chip on them throughout the race according to the instructions of the Organizing Committee – The timing chip is located on the back of the runner’s entry number. Consequently the runner must carry his / her participation number throughout the race. – To pass over all the timing mats both at the starting point, the finish of the race and at the intermediate stations (if any). The timing chip is received by the runners together with their entry number from the Race Secretariat (the timing chip is located on the back of the runner’s entry number).


The runners of the 21km Road Race. they have to finish their race within 3 hours, while the 5 km within one hour. After the passage of the “race car” at the 21km Road Race, the participants will have to respect the traffic and the continuation of the race is at their own risk.


The safety of the races will be under the control of the Traffic Department of the Greek Police and the Municipal Police of Trikala. Medical services will be provided by the Hellenic Rescue Team and the race doctors, while the first station for the provision of medical services for the 21km Road Race. will be located at 5km. The next stations will be at 10km, 15km, 18km and at the finish. In the race the participants take part at their own risk, while for medical reasons any athlete can be prevented from continuing the race.


The ChampionChip system will be used to race time. Each participant will be given a timing chip (Bib) at the time of collection of the necessary for his participation in the race. For the control of the participants there will be 21km for the Road Race. control stations at the start, at 10 km and at the finish, while for the 5 km race at the start at 2.5 km and at the finish. Runners who will not follow the route and the planned checkpoints will be canceled.


Destruction of property: The organizer assumes all responsibility for destruction, theft, loss, etc. of the personal property of the participants. Participants will not have the right to turn against the organizer for any damage that may be caused to their equipment or vehicle.


Participants expressly and exclusively grant the organizer the irrevocable right to use their name, their details, their photographs or any document of the race for future exploitation or use in court cases, regulatory authorities, advertising or their use for statistical data.


Bicycles or photographing and videotaping the race will be possible only after the approval of the organizing committee of the race and the issuance of a special certificate.


All participants have knowledge and accept all articles of the regulations at the same time as registering for the race. The participants also agree with a reason to not rush the start and to cover the full distance of the races, before crossing the finish line.


The race takes place on the day set as the day of the race, regardless of weather conditions. Only in case of exceptional circumstances or other event of force majeure do the organizing authority of the race have the right to decide to postpone the start or cancel the race.


The electronic timing of the 21km Road Race. , the 5 km race and the children’s race as well as the publication of the results has been undertaken by a timing company. The unofficial results will be posted immediately after the finish on the race website and the official ones will be published in the following days of the race.


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