The University of Crete Sports Commission is organizing the “17th University of Crete Road Race” on the route Knossos University Buildings – 12.6 km Voutes University Buildings, as well as a 3 km Race Course around the Panepistimios buildings. the Region of Crete and the Municipal Organization for Preschool Care and Mass Sport of the Municipality of Heraklion (DOPAFMA).

The games will be held on Sunday, November 17, 2019 and are dedicated as every year to the anniversary of the uprising of the National Technical University of Athens.

The first race at 12.6 km will start at 09:00 in front of the White University Buildings in Knossos and the athletes will follow the Knossos University Buildings (start), Ioannis Karditsi, Andrea Nathena, Leof. Knossos. , Eleftherias Square, Idomeneos, Daedalou Pedestrian Avenue, Kallergon Square (Morosini Fountain), Major General Tzoulaki, Kalokerininou Ave. Andrea Kalokerinou ( intersection to University-FORTH-Voutes), campus buildings Vout Termination).

The second race at 3km will start at 11:00 in front of the Chemistry Department parking lot.

Entries for the 12.6 km race will only be accepted electronically until Friday, November 15, 2019 via the race website:   &  

The transfer of athletes from the Voutes Campus (finish) to the starting point (Knossos buildings) will be by bus starting at 08:20 am.

For more information interested parties can visit the race website.

They can also contact the person in charge of the Office of Physical Education and Sport of the University of Heraklion

Mr Stelios Zacharioudakis on the phone 6944 187 559.


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