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On February 22, 2020, the Aetolian celebrates 194 years since the Battle of Dolma. A battle against the Turks who were trying to conquer Mesolongi. In February 1826 the Turks decided to attack the small island of Dolmas, a point of strategic importance for the fall of Messolonghi. There they find strong resistance from Grigori Liakatas and a group of Aetolian warriors. Unfortunately in that battle all the defenders of the island were heroically lost. After a few days Aetoliko is delivered. We honor this self-sacrifice of the Aetolians every year as a sign of respect and exemplification for the new generations of our country.

The Municipality of the Holy City of Messolonghi in cooperation with the Aetolikos Runners Association are organizing the 7km and 1000m sacrifice road race. The matches will take place on Saturday, February 22 in Aetoliko.

Sacrifice Road 7 km

Date: Saturday 22 February 2020

Start / End: Aitolikou Central Square (see route map HERE)

Starting time: 11:00

Race distance: 7 km.

The rules of the International Classic Athletics Federation (IAAF) and AIMS will apply for the race. Support Stations: On the 7km road there will be 1 support station (at the turning point of Liakata Monument 3.5 km) as well as bottled water stop.

Timing-Results: The timing of the matches will be done electronically. During the finish, the unofficial results of the match will be announced immediately, and the official results will be announced the next day, after the scrutiny of any objections by the race’s technical committee has been completed.

Entries: “Official” athletes (registered in the club) and independent athletes can participate in the race. Contestants on the 7km Sacrifice Road must be born in 2012 or earlier (≥12 years old).

Race time limit: To cover the 7km Sacrifice Road route, a time limit of 1 hour and 10 minutes is set for completion. After this time limit, runners who continue their efforts will have to comply with the Messolonghi Road Traffic Code.

Awards – Prizes: Awards will be made to the top three in the overall rankings (men and women). Runners who finish on the Sacrifice Road will receive a Memorial Medal, an Electronic Memorial Medal, and a dry fit t-shirt (t-shirts will only be received by those who apply by Friday 14-February-2020).

Racing Safety – Health Coverage: To regulate vehicle traffic on all 3 lanes, Police and Traffic Messolonghi will take care of them, while medical care for runners if needed during the race but at the finish will be provided by Aitolik Health Center in collaboration with a group of volunteers. Racers, cars, motorcycles or other vehicles are not allowed to follow during the race. The steering committee recommends that all competitors over the age of 35, for their own safe participation, undergo the necessary medical examinations beforehand to confirm that they are capable of participating in such intensity and duration. In all cases, all competitors are solely at their own risk and no medical certificates will be required for the participants.


1km race: Along with the Sacrifice Road 7km, there will be a 1km Road / Dynamic Walk race. On the 1000m road, only elementary students are invited. The start of the 1000m road will be from the central square of Aitolikos at 11:05 pm and will end at the same spot (see route map HERE). All runners who finish the 1000m race will be given a Memorial Medal, an Electronic Memorial Medal and a t-shirt (t-shirts will only be received by those who apply until Friday 14-February-2020). For the 1000m race medals will be awarded to the first, second and third overall winner (7-12 years old).

A prerequisite for the participation of underage runners is the presentation of their student ID and the consent of their guardian. In case of electronic submission of the application, the guardian will be required when receiving the entry number.


Participation Statements:

Entries will only be made electronically from the link below

Click here to apply

B) or physically present to Mrs Sarandara (6977532960) or Mrs Dimitra Trikalinou (6946790830)

Registration deadline for the 7km and 1000m Sacrifice Road expires on Wednesday, February 19, 2020 at 24:00. However, a T-Shirt technician will only be eligible to apply until Friday 14-February-2020. On the day of the races (Saturday 22-02-2018), the organizers will accept extremely limited (10-20) entries.

Participation in the 7km and 1000m roads is free as all race expenses are kindly sponsored by the Holy City of Messolonghi.

For more information contact Mr. Sarandaras Makis tel. 6977532960 or Dimitra Trikalinou tel. 6946790830


Friday: 21-02-2020 Aitolikos Town Hall Racing Pack 12: 00-17: 00

Saturday: 22-02-2020

09.00-10.30: Aitolikos Town Hall race package received

11.00: Start of Sacrifice Road 7km

11.05am: 1000m road start

12.00-12.30: Awarding of prizes

1pm: Race ends


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