The Municipality of Parga and the Hellenic Search and Rescue Association (EEED) of Kanallaki will organize 10km, 5km Road / Dynamic Race Games. and 1000m. to be held in the Central Square of Kanallaki on Sunday, April 10, 2022, under the name 2nd Acheron Health Run

Match Date: Sunday 2/04/2023

Start: Central square of Kanallaki

Maps and altitude of routes: To see the maps and altitude of routes click HERE


08.30: Opening of a secretariat, in the Central Square of Kanallaki for the delivery of a racing package (number, t-shirt and timing chip).

11.00: Start of road 10km.

11.10: Start of 5km road.

11.30: Start of road 1000m.

12.30: End of 5km finishes. and 10km.

12.35: Awards to the winners

The start will be given from the Central Channel where the finish will take place. The route of the races is asphalt. The purpose of the event is the participation of athletes and sportsmen in physical activity that improves health and quality of life but also to highlight the history and natural beauty of the area.


All participants will be given a commemorative medal of participation and competitive rehabilitation snacks while the participants of 5km. and 10km. a technical t-shirt of the race will also be given.

Cups and gifts (local products) will be given to the first 3 men and the first 3 women of the general category on both roads as well as to the first 3 boys and 3 first girls of the 1000m road.

Finish time limit: The 10km race has a finish time limit of 90 minutes (until 12.30) while respectively the 5km finish time limit is 60 minutes. After this time limit, those runners who continue their effort and move on the route of the race will continue at their own risk and must comply with the road traffic code of Preveza.

Timing of the race: The race will have an electronic timing while the live results after the start of the race will be posted on the website www.ftt.gr.

Participation fee:

10km: 7 euros

5km: 7 euros

1000m : free

To complete the registration, the cost of participation must be paid via e-banking or bank in the bank account: GR5301103920000039274519030 (BIC) ETHNGRAA-Beneficiary: HACHOULI PANAGIOTA XENOFON and in the reasoning the participation will definitely be mentioned. For the participation in the 1000m. registration in the online form is required. The money from the participations will be used for the maintenance of the Javelennas Skala-Dallas Bridge path.

Participation right: All athletes over the age of 12 (born in 2010 and earlier), who will run at their own risk, are eligible to participate. The participation of athletes under 12 years will NOT be allowed in the 10km races. and 5km. Only elementary school students aged 6-12 will be allowed on the 1000m route and written consent will be required from the guardian for their participation. The participation of an escort is allowed on the 1000m road. according to the current regulation of the health protocols that will be valid for adults at that time. Escorts are not registered and are not timed.

MEDICAL EXAMINATIONS: The match will have medical coverage. The runners participate with absolute, personal, their own responsibility and have carried out the necessary health examinations.



To register for the race click HERE

The online entry form will be open until Monday 28-March-2022, 23:59 or until the number of 200 entries planned to be supported by the organizing committee on all roads is completed. The race secretariat will accept an extremely small number of new entries 2 hours before the start of the races and will mainly concern cancellations of entries.

Storage of participants clothing: There will be a specially designed area for storing participants clothing at the start / finish area, from where you can pick it up after the end of the race.

Receipt of participation package: Athletes will arrive in person at the secretariat at least 60 minutes before the time of the race to receive the package. The entry number is personal, unchanged and non-transferable and must be pinned to the front of the athlete’s shirt from the start to the end of the race.

TEST Covid-19

The matches will be applied to the protocols in force for that period against the dispersal of the Covid-19 of the GGA. You will be allowed to participate in those who have been fully vaccinated as well as in those who have contracted COVID 19, with a valid certificate of illness. Also for athletes who have a negative result of antigen detection test PCR test 72 hours or Rapid test 48 hours. The participation of athletes under 18 years of age will be allowed with a negative self-test on the day of the games or the day before.

The organizing committee of the race will not allow the participation of an athlete / athlete unless he / she submits one of the above proofs to the secretariat upon receipt of the race package.

The above rule will apply to all those involved in the event: judges, staff, volunteers and athletes’s attendants. the date of the event, for the safe return to sporting activity.

Due to the extremely unfavorable and unprecedented conditions due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we are forced to follow specific protocols in the race, in order to avoid unpleasant cases and which the athletes must follow and read with due care!

The corresponding protocols are the following:

STARTING POINT: Starting a running race is essentially the most common crowded area for athletes and is therefore the one that needs the most attention in order to avoid a large number of athletes! The starts will be made every 50s every 2 minutes and with at least 3 meters difference one athlete distance from the other.

Everyone who is at the start of the race and before it, will wear a mask, will have distances from each other – we will have people who will indicate it.


There will be two refueling stations (water) on the 10km route and a refueling station at 5 km. The refueling stations of the games will be harmonized with the special conditions. Thus, the volunteers who will staff the stations, will bring the necessary sanitary material (gloves masks, while all the stations will have antiseptic liquid on top for anyone who wants to use it. The liquids that will be given to the athletes (water) will be in individual packages Disposable bottles, which will be collected during their dispersion, after their use. At the finish there will also be water and various restoration energies.

At the finish line that is common to the start of the race, the organizing committee will take care to avoid overcrowding during the event.


More information about the race:

Mr. Efthimiou Dimitra 697740737, Mr. Hachouli Panagiota 6946625568



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