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It is with great pleasure that we inform the friends of sports that our Association, after a long preparation, organizes on October 10, 2021, Sunday, the 1st “Driver’s Road”.
The central event of this day is the Half Marathon “Amfissa – Kirra – Itea”, a route of 21,097 meters, for which we have received official certification of AIMS (recognized by the IAAF). The start will be given in the central square (Isaia) of Amfissa and the finish will be on the pier of Itea.
On the same day there will be a Race (health road and dynamic walking) 5 km long within the city of Amfissa. For both races, but also in general for the program of the day, detailed data and useful information are published on the site of the race “https://race.iniohosac.gr”.
For the games, all the provisions of the legislation and the circulars of the G.G.A. will be observed. health protocols.
We have to thank all our friends and associates for the great effort they have made so far, committed to this difficult goal, as well as to thank the Region of Central Greece (Fokida Prefecture), which financially supports our effort. , but also the Municipality of Delphi (Municipal Units of Amfissa and Itea, Communities of Amfissa, Itea and Kirra), the Port Fund of Fokida, the Hellenic Police (AD Fokida) and the Port Authority of Itea, which contained their consent and support for the conduct of the race, as well as many more organizations, sponsors and volunteers, who have already expressed their interest in helping.
For the smooth running of the race, we will really need the help of many people and for this reason we address a public call to every body and club in our place, to assist our effort, especially in the various obligations that arise on the day of the race, so that to be carried out safely and smoothly.
Contact telephones:
1. Thanasis Panagiotopoulos (Chairman of the Board)! 6945630101
2. Antonis Ioannou (Vice Chairman of the Board): 6940146532
3. Thodoris Stamatopoulos (General Secretary of the Board): 6946127900


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