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1st Kritharia Trail 2022 Sunday, January 30, 2022 Race distances

a) 8.3 km TRAIL with an altitude of 350 meters

The trail of the route can be seen as recorded by two gps here: https://www.strava.com/activities/6430142060 and https://www.strava.com/activities/6428494764

Download the gpx file to have it on your watch! : https://www.mediafire.com/file/d0jix9z68tqymcz/Η+διαδρομή+του+1ου+Κριθαριά+Trail.gpx/file

b) 6,500 meters of ROAD RACE type “urban trail” (asphalt) with an altitude of 165 meters on the route Kritharia – Marathos – Agios Georgios.

The trail of the route can be seen as recorded by two gps here: https://www.strava.com/activities/6430142055 and https://www.strava.com/activities/6429103495

Download the gpx file to have it on your watch! : https://www.mediafire.com/file/5pzzmo7ewwjjlw6/Η+διαδρομή+του+παράλληλου+αγώνα,+1ου+Κριθαριά+Urban+trail.gpx/file

In the event that the measures of the State that will be in force on the date of the race, will not allow it to take place, the race will be postponed to another date.

terms of participation

Each runner to participate must present the vaccination certificate in accordance with the regulations set by the GGA and EODY. Following the condition set by the GGA that states “With a percentage of at least 95% vaccinated and up to 5% non-vaccinated participants”, the participation of 15 runners without a certificate will be accepted (ie 5% of the 300). These 15 runners will be the first 15 to send an email to sdyvolou@gmail.com asking to book a place without a vaccination certificate. These 15 runners to participate in the race must provide upon receipt of their number, what the GGA stipulates: “Unvaccinated adult participants (18 years and older): PCR within 72 hours or rapid test within 48 hours. – Unvaccinated minor participants (under 18 years old): demonstration of self test within 24 hours before the race (recommended on the day of the race) “. This process for 15 runners is done by SDY Volos because the registrations opened a month ago with the protocol that was in force at the time, and some runners may have registered without a certificate. Once the reservation of the 15 places of runners who will send a similar e-mail is completed, the registration of another runner without a vaccination certificate will not be accepted. It goes without saying that the 285 runners who will participate with a vaccination certificate, will have to show it together with the ID upon receipt of the number, and turn green in the check with the special application. The 1st Barley Trail 2022 will be made with the seal of the Volos Health Runners Association, the association that has been writing history for 33 years. With the co-organization, or support, or under the auspices of the Region of Thessaly, of DOEPAP – DIPETHE, of the Hellenic Federation of Popular Sports Associations – Long Distance (EOSLMA-Y), of EAS SEGAS Thessaly, of the Association “Kritharos”. The support and coverage of the Special Forces Club of the Prefecture of Magnesia will be valuable once again, as in every event and event that takes place in Magnesia.

Starting hours: 8.3 km TRAIL: 10.00am

6,500 meters OF ROAD RACE: 12.00.

The 2 races will be 2 hours apart so that whoever wants can run in both.

Meeting place, start – finish: the beach of Kritharia Magnesia.

Participation amount for each race: 5 euros.

The total number of participants for both races is set at 300 so that there is no overcrowding.

Registrations will close as soon as 300 completed registrations are completed, and the pending ones will be canceled. If 300 registrations have not been completed, they will close on January 24. The participants in the races will receive the specially made medal, collectible only for the race of 2022. A souvenir t-shirt will not be given, in order to keep the participation cost low (5 euros).

– Registrations: https://results.chronolog.gr/registrationc1.aspx?h=d59f66ffd21cc6b9a24c3ea6fe4fc4cd&l=GR For the convenience of those who live / are in Volos, registrations will be made at the Aspirina store, 160 Demitriados.

Signaling: The route will be perfectly marked with cardboard and ribbons that are removed as soon as the race is over, so that there is no pollution, as well as to avoid painting the roads.

Participation right

Men and women over the age of 18 are eligible to participate. People under the age of 18 can participate with parental consent. Extra regulations for covid In the event that the State on the day of the race (January 30, 2022) has amended or added new rules for covid that did not apply at the time of publication of the notice, there will be appropriate adjustments to the conduct of the race.

– The page of the Volos Health Runners Association on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sdyvolou/ The page of the Club of Specialists άμεων Ν.Μαγνησίας στο facebook: https://www.facebook.com/%CE%9… Communication sponsor of the 1st Kritharia Trail 2022: RunningNews.gr

Delivery of numbers

The delivery of the numbers will take place at a place that will be announced, on Friday 28 and Saturday 29 January. For the delivery of the packages it is necessary to demonstrate what is mentioned above in the section “CONDITIONS OF PARTICIPATION”. For athletes outside Magnesia, delivery of packages on the same terms will take place on the day of the race at the starting point. The registrations for the race are made at the link https://results.chronolog.gr/registrationc1.aspx?h=d59f66ffd21cc6b9a24c3ea6fe4fc4cd&l=GR They are also made at https://voloshalfmarathon.gr in the “NEWS” category. For the convenience of those who live / are in Volos, registrations are made at the Aspirina store, 160 Demitriados.