Announcement of the 1st night mountain running race Lailias Night Trail!

The “Lailias Mountain Running” mountain running club is pleased to announce the organization of the 1st night mountain running race called “Lailias Night Trail” which will take place on Saturday, August 26, 2023!

The race will be held in the uniquely beautiful green mountain of Lailia Serres with starting point and end point of the ski center. The route is 17.5km long and has been certified by ITRA.

More information and details about the route will be provided in the near future.

We are waiting for you all in this special and festive road event under the starry sky of Lailias Serres!

Lailias Mountain Running Team

Karametsos Christos: 6974032062

Sfitis Nikolaos: 6997015070

Haitidis Apostolos: 6936639901

Deleferis Markos: 6946645658



Facebook: lailiasmountainrunning 


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