Take your friends, your fellow athlete, create your own relay team (Men – Women – Mixed) and feel the joy of team participation!

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The Athletic Cultural Association of Runners of Evia co-organizes with the Region of Central Greece the 1st Road Race 21.1 km. Eretria – Chalkida “Lilantios Half Marathon” and relay race 20km (2 X 10km), which is under the auspices of the Hellenic Federation of Associations of Folk Mass Sports – Long Distance (EOSLMA-Y), and with supporters of the Municipalities of Eretria and Chalkida..

The date of the races was set for Sunday, June 6, 2023.

Σύλλογος Δρομέων ΕύβοιαςIn the organization of the race, the rules and instructions of EODY will be applied, observing the Sanitary Protocol of Conducting Road Races outside the Stadium in collaboration with the General Secretariat of Sports. In the context of the implementation of the rules and the Public Health Assurance Protocol, at least 95% of the runners who will have a valid vaccination certificate and those who have a valid COVID-19 disease certificate can register and participate in the event until the day of up to 5% of unvaccinated participants (concerns only those who have not been vaccinated and who have a valid medical certificate of non-vaccination). Unvaccinated adult participants (18 years and older) may participate by PCR within 72 hours or RAPID TEST by 48 hours. Unvaccinated underage participants (up to 18 years old) by submitting a SELF TEST within 24 hours from the day of the start of the race.

The race will also be of a charitable nature, as part of the proceeds from the registrations will be donated to the purchase of sports equipment in schools.


Sunday 5 June 2022

– 21.1 km race: Start: 08:30 a.m. Eretria Finish: Chalkida Beach

– Relay race 20 km (2 X 10 km): Start: 08:45 am Finish Eretria Finish: Chalkida Beach

– Children’s race 1,000m Start: 09:00 a.m. Eretria


The timing will be done digitally with a chip on the road shoe.

The results will be presented in real time, will be posted immediately after the race, while a message with the personal time of each will be sent immediately after the finish. Live streaming service is provided upon termination. The final results will be published after being checked by the organizing committee in the following days of the race.

Refueling and water supply stations at 5km, 10km, 15km, 18km and at the finish


  • Race 21.1 km: 17 €
  • Relay 20 km (2 X 10 km): 12 € / person
  • Free the children’s race EXPIRATION OF REGISTRATION 22/05/2022


In total, the benefits to the runner at the end of his registration are the following:

  1. Athlete participation number.
  2. Digital timing with chips.
  3. Commemorative engraved medal.
  4. Souvenir technical T-Shirt
  5. Water supply, isotonic gel drinks
  6. Medical services during and after the race.
  7. Transfer of runners to the starting point from Chalkida and return after the end of the race.


For the service of the runners on the day of the race there will be buses of the event both for the transfer of the runners from Chalkida to Eretria for the start of the race 21km and a 20km baton, as well as for a movement of the second athletes to the point of change of the baton and the return of the first is done with a vehicle of the event.

The buses will depart on Sunday morning from Chalkida to Eretria from 7:00 to 7:30 a.m. strictly and after the end of the race, buses will return runners to Eretria immediately after the awards (at approximately 13:00 pm).


The numbers and participation packages will be received in person by the runners from the points and times that will be announced immediately by the event. The registered runner can authorize another person to pick up the personal number and package.

Replacement of runners and / or change of distance of the race chosen by the respective participant is not possible in any case upon receipt of the numbers and participation packages.

Participation numbers and / or participation packages are in no case sent by post or in any other way to the beneficiaries.


In a specially designed space will be provided the possibility of storing the personal belongings of the participants. It is recommended not to place valuables in bags / backpacks, as in case of loss the organization does not bear any responsibility.


The athletes who compete in the 21.1 km Road Race Eretria – Chalkida “Lilantios Half Marathon” are divided into age categories, according to the following:


1. up to 39 years old

2. 40-49 years old

3. 50-59 years old

4. 60 years and older

In the 20km relay, each team will consist of 2 athletes that each will cover a distance of 10km.

Groups can be formed:

  • From 2 men – athletes for the men’s category.
  • From 2 women – athletes for the women’s category.
  • From 1 man and 1 woman for the mixed category.

In each category there will be a separate ranking and award of the first three teams.

Registration Form

Registrations will be made electronically on the site: http://bit.ly/lilantios. On the day of the race it will not be possible to register at the secretariat.

Payment of participation fee: The fee will be paid electronically by card (debit-credit), payments will not be accepted in any other way. Payment will be made within three (3) days of registration, otherwise registration will not be valid. A confirmation email will be sent after payment.


In case due to COVID-19 the race is not allowed to be performed on the specific date, the transfer of the race to a new date will be announced. All payments will be valid as of the new date. If someone does not wish to participate in the new date they can request a refund. The money will be refunded except for an amount of 2 € which is withheld by the bank as management expenses.


Ληλάντιο πεδίο

A few words about the history…


Lilantas, the river from which the “Lilantio field” took its name.

The Lilandio plain was the reason for the civil war between Chalkida and Eretria. Eretria and Chalkida were allied with most of the cities that have ever fought in a civil war, which is why it was characterized as the most destructive civil war in the history of Greece. Years later, the Chalcidians and Eretrians, as allies, founded the Monkey Colony in Italy. In modern Greece and today, the people of Chalkida and Eretria are allied for education and sports and ask the other cities of Greece to ally with them as a united force for unity and solidarity, for education and for the sports spirit and ideal. !

Come all together to run the Lilantio Half Marathon and to give together the message that only sports can!

Run means change, change means life! We are waiting for you!


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