The Cultural Association of Neou Petritsiou in collaboration with the Regional Unit of Serres announces the organization of the first mountain race “Belles Historic Trail”.

The event includes two mountain races 21 km (“Belles Historic Trail”) and 8 km (“Sultanitsa Trail Run”) that will take place on the southwestern slopes of the Kerkini mountain range (Belles) in the northern part of Serres.

The purpose of the event is to promote the natural and historical wealth of Belles, to highlight the old paths that are inextricably linked to local communities and of course to respect the moral values of “fair play” and sportsmanship.

Βelles Historic Trail

Finally, the participants of the “Belles Historic Trail 21 Km” will have the opportunity to run through paths and fortifications of the Second World War, while the participants of the “Sultanitsa Trail Run 8 Km” will cross paths connected with history of the place.

The races will be held on Sunday, June 5, 2022, starting and finishing in Neo Petritsi with starting times: 09:00 am for the 21 km “Belles Historic Trail” and 09:30 am for the “Sultanitsa Trail Run”.


Mountain race with the name “Belles Historic Trail”: 21 km with 1,120m. οf positive altitude difference.

Mountain race with the name “Sultanitsa Trail Run”: 8 km with 0000 positive altitude difference.





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