PROCLAMATION 1st Naoussa Vermio Marathon “6 Peaks” Rise

The AC. Naoussa Vermio Trail and the Municipality of the Heroic city of Naoussa co-organize the mountain running race of 1st Naoussa Vermio Marathon “6 Peaks” on Saturday, May 7, 2022. Naoussa is located at the foot of the mountain “Vermio” and in the famous grove of Agios Nikolaos river “Arapitsa”, which is the starting and ending point of the route.

Starting Place: Agios Nikolaos Grove of Naoussa.

Finishing Place: Agios Nikolaos Grove of Naoussa.

Date: Saturday, May 7, 2022

Distance – Altitude difference: 42 km – 2600 altitude.

Race Start Time: 08:00 a.m.

Registration fee: 40 €

Limit of participants: 150 athletes

Route – Timing:

The timing will be done electronically (chip).

Awards: Awards time at 15:00 p.m.

Registrations: Registrations start on Tuesday 01/03/2022 and must be made no later than Tuesday 26/04/2022 or until the completion of 150 entries. The race will be conducted in compliance with all health protocols for COVID-19 that will be valid during this period. Before, after and during the race. Simultaneously with the day of the race, elementary (1000m) and high school (2000m) races will be held. Participations for children will be FREE. Information-communication Facebook: Naoussa Vermio Trail E-mail:


1.a. The race route designed to start and end in the grove of Agios Nikolaos consists mainly of a combination of trails of varying walkability, alpine landscape and mountainous dirt roads. The route has a length of 42 km and a positive altitude difference (ascent) that reaches 2600 meters. The time limit of the race is nine (9) hours with intermediate time limits-cuts from the start time (08:00 am), 1st in the position “Aviator” (13th km in 3.5 hours), 2nd in the position “3-5 Wells” (26th km in 6 hours), 3rd in the position “Prophet Elias” (35th km in 7.5 hours).

1.b. ROUTE ANALYSIS 1st Naoussa Vermio Marathon “6 Peaks”: The route of the race consists of: PATH: 24 km. ALPINE LANDSCAPE: 12 km. MOUNTAIN ROAD ROADS: 6 km.


2. Eligibility:

All athletes over the age of 20, who will run at their own risk, must have recently been examined by a doctor and will sign by checking the original responsible statement, which will appear immediately after the entry of the data in the registration form.

3. Registrations: Registrations start on Tuesday 01/03/2022 and must be made no later than Tuesday 26/04/2022 or until the completion of 150 entries. Last minute entries will not be accepted.

4. Individual registrations: Individual registrations will be mandatory through the following electronic form. Payment must be made within ten (10) calendar days after registration. Otherwise the organizers have the right to remove the athlete from the list of participants.

5. Group registrations: These are considered by 6 people and up and should be done simultaneously registration or send an Excel file with the details of the athletes to The cost of group registrations amounts to € 35 per participation.


6. Registered – paid athlete is entitled to cancellation of his participation with a parallel refund of his money, if the cancellation is requested by the event until March 30. From April 1 to April 10, the refund amount is set at 20 euros and from April 11 onwards no amount will be refunded.

7. Registration Link PARTICIPATION COST – BENEFITS • The cost of participation is 40 euros (forty euros) through a bank deposit in the account number of AS. Ν.Β.Τ. • Account Number: Alpha Bank GR7201408310831002002016177 • The name must be indicated during the payment. • Any payment made by another bank the costs are borne by the athlete himself. Only the one who will show the entire amount of 40 euros is considered a valid payment. • Name of beneficiary: ATHLETIC CLUB NAOUSA VERMIO The benefits covered by the athletes’ participation fee are the following: • Promotional meal (Pasta Party) • Catering in the race • Electronic timing • Medical support and first aid • Souvenir of participation (T-shirt DYNAFIT) • Commemorative finish medal (for those who finish on time) • Competitive meal • The movement to the finish area of ​​those athletes who leave or are excluded by vehicles of the event, from specific points (Aviator, base C / K 3-5 Pigadia and Profitis Elias) is also covered. In any other case the event is not charged with the responsibility for road or other transport of athletes leaving the race, however will make efforts to serve them. • Those athletes (paid participation) who do not show up on the day of the race for accreditation will receive their souvenirs at their own expense.

RECEIPT OF NUMBERS (bib numbers)

8.Receipt of Numbers: The collection of the numbers of the athletes will take place on Friday 06/05/2022 from the Secretariat of the event between 17:00 pm. and 9:00 p.m. at the Pasta Party venue and on Saturday 07/05/2022 between 06:30 a.m. and 7:30 a.m. from the Secretariat of the event at the starting point.


9. Age Categories & Prizes: The first three (3) men and the first three (3) women of the general classification will be awarded, as well as the respective winners of the age categories, all with prizes and cups which are the following: For men: 20 to 29, 30 – 39, 40 – 49, 50 – 59 and 60 years and over. For women: 20 to 29, 30 – 39, 40 – 49, 50 years and over. The winners of the general category are not excluded from the age group. To be considered valid a category must have at least six (6) entries in men and six (6) entries in women

10. LAST YEAR WINNERS: Honored, the winner of the match (independent card) and the winning woman participate in next year’s event without financial burden.

11. RACE DESCRIPTION AND ANALYSIS – ROUTE PROFILE – POWER STATION TABLE – GPX FILE OF THE RACE Race: Naoussa Vermio Marathon “6 Peaks” Route description Naoussa Vermio Marathon “6 Korfes”: The Race starts from altitude 480 meters, with a total positive altitude of 2600 m. 1. The 1st km level on dirt, with the remaining 850 meters on a brick pavement. Then the runners turn twice to the left and enter the first uphill path that crosses the beautiful estate “KONSTANTINIDI”. After crossing the gallery “KANARAKI”, they will go out on a forest road and for a few meters on asphalt, they reach the chapel of “Agia Triada” with its camps, having already traveled 3.5 km. The route continues on an uphill and difficult path passing by the position “ROCK” and the runners reach the 6th km. From here we turn left on a path for 1.3 km and reach the 1st station “Profitis Ilias” (7.3 km ) and at an altitude of 930m. Then we walk a path to the picturesque chapel of “Ypapantis” reaching 8.5 km of the route and at an altitude of 1080m. From this point, continuing on a forested path, the route enters the biggest and most difficult uphill of the race for about 2 km in the forest and we reach the 1st peak “DOURLIA” and after 1.5 km covering a part of alpine landscape we reach the Chapel of Agios Pneumatos (12th km and 1900m altitude) and having covered + 1400m positive. Rise Continuing for 1 km we reach the 2nd station “Aeroporos” (13th km) where is the first time limit of 3.5 hours of race. Rise Then the route follows a course with continuous alternation of slopes on an alpine landscape passing by the 2nd peak “TROULOS” which is located at an altitude of 1980m (here it needs an emergency stop to admire or be photographed having a 360 degree image of Olympus, Askio, Vitsi , North, Pinovo, Paiko, Chortiatis) and we continue for the 3rd peak “VOULGARA” at an altitude of 2000m where is the famous peak of H / K 3-5 Pigadia. Rise Always following the path on the alpine landscape we head to the 4th peak called “TSANAKTSI” and altitude 2040m and from there we go to the 5th peak of the race which is the highest of Vermi named “HAMITIS” at its 2060m altitude and 3 race (18th km). Having taken the appropriate breaths we continue the route for the 6th and last peak of the race “BLACK STONE” at an altitude of 2040m and crossing the lake of the area having covered 11 km of alpine zone we turn right into a forest path passing through the famous spring (drinking water ) of Vermio “KARABOURNAR” and we ascend to reach the track of H / K PARADISE and descending it, we reach the base of “H / K 3-5 Pigadia” where the central station (4th) of the race at the 26th km and in altitude 1440m and the second time limit at 6 hours of race. At this point the athletes’ escorts can come to see the athletes via a 15 km long asphalt route (tea – juice will be offered). Having left escorts, station and part of the easy route we continue uphill and traversing through the pillars and at the same time from the black track we finish the difficult distance of 1.7 km, turn left initially on a forest dirt road of gentle slope and reach the path that will turn left again take us down to the meadow with her name “DORTOPOLI” and continue to reach the 5th station “KAPSOURA” (32nd km). From this point onwards follows an easy and downhill path of 3 km which gives the athlete the opportunity to run enjoying a beautiful track taking breaths and thus ending at the 6th station “Prophet Elias” (35th km 930m altitude) where the 3rd time exclusion limit at 7.5 hours of race. From the chapel they will turn diagonally to the right to enter an uphill and difficult in some places path, which during its crossing will be found in places with wonderful views and beautiful landscapes and in 1.2 km will reach the famous chapel of “YPAPANTIS “, Having traveled 37 km .. From there starts a technical, narrow and in some places dark downhill path, 2 km long, with continuous hairpins in the area” MAVROLAKAS “or” AMAZONIOS “, (needs special attention) and then the runners will go to the area “VERVERA”, at an altitude of 580 meters and a distance of 39 km where the 7th station is located. Then they will turn right and pass in front of the shooting range and grenades of the NW Squadron and will enter a path full of chestnut trees going down some stairs. Finally, the runners will descend until they reach the lowest point of the route 480 meters altitude and 40 km distance to head right to the finish passing in front of the 2nd Squadron. Profile and sketch of 1st Naoussa Vermio Marathon “6 Peaks” Rise 2.

Power supply: The water supply of the athletes in the stations will be offered in plastic cups and in water tanks that each athlete will have. No water will be given to plastic bottles.


11. MARKING: There will be direction signs and plenty of red signs on stones and trees. Rise Rise Information-communication: Facebook: Naoussa Vermio Trail E-mail:


1. Athletes are required to fully comply with the regulations described below. They are also obliged to obey the instructions of the judges of the match. Failure to comply with the regulations or instructions always carries the penalty of exclusion. The judges of the match, when they notice violations of the rules, record them and inform the violators. Any other authorized person from the event, has the opportunity to also record any violation that comes to his notice and submit it for examination to the Race Committee.

2. ATHLETE NUMBER: Each athlete has the race number on him, which he is obliged to have on a visible spot on the front of his shirt. The number must remain throughout the race without being folded, thus hiding any element written on the number (sponsors, logos, etc.). Substantial alteration of the number, which may confuse the station registrars, is punishable by exclusion.

3. ROUTE MARKING: The route marking placed by the Organization is temporary, in order to serve the athletes and after the race some of them will be removed like ribbons and the basic marking will remain, to permanently delimit a recognized path.

4. EXTERNAL ASSISTANCE: External material assistance (food, clothing, walking sticks) to athletes is allowed. It is allowed to accompany the athletes by persons who do not have a race number. The escort of the athlete by familiar persons in the last meters of the route is allowed.

5. AUXILIARY: The use of hiking poles is allowed. It is also allowed to own and use a map, compass, GPS, mobile phone or wireless (VHF). If someone gets lost in the forest the number 112 is what will help in finding him. That’s why it’s good to have your phones with you.

6. WASTE: It is strictly forbidden to dispose of any objects along the route, such as plastic bottles or any other material, packaging solid or liquid food, that athletes consume during the race. At each filling station, there is a special plastic garbage bag. All athletes are required to throw litter in the bag. Disposal of packaging materials or other non-organic waste at any point along the route beyond the pre-determined route will result in an exclusion penalty. The event will place 100m after the filling stations and other bins or garbage bags with judges, to give runners the opportunity to run and not stop at the stations. However, in these bins or bags, they will have to throw away plastic bottles or rubbish from possible use of Jel or anything else the garbage.

7. TRAFFIC MOVEMENT: Athletes are obliged to move on the trail, without forming groups that extend in width, thus preventing the athletes, who would like to overtake. When an athlete is notified that he has to do on the edge to overtake, he should remain on the uphill (inner) side of the slope.

8. ROUTE SHORTING: Shortening (cutting) the route is prohibited and punishable by exclusion. Each competitor has the responsibility and is obliged to carefully monitor the warning signs, in specific parts of the path, which indicate a prohibited cut / route.

9. OBJECTIONS: Objections for any reason are made only by the athlete himself, no later than 30 minutes after the finish.

10. ROUTE MODIFICATION / POSTPONEMENT: If the need arises (extremely dangerous weather conditions or other cause), the Organizers reserve the right to modify the route or to postpone the start for a short time, in order not to endanger the physical integrity of the athletes.

11. DISCLAIMER: The Commission is not responsible for the death, injury or any damage to the health of the competitors, who by submitting the application, declare that they are aware of the dangers that exist in the mountain environment and assure that their health condition is good and allows them to fight. It should also be recently examined by a doctor for this issue. The responsible statement that they have been examined by a doctor recently, they sign electronically when they make their statement. Athletes themselves are required to undergo regular medical preventive examinations in order to check their state of health. The Commission disclaims any responsibility regarding the physical integrity of the Athletes, who should act responsibly at points along the route where the risk of falling with unpleasant or fatal results is increased.

12. AMENDMENT OF RULES: The organizers reserve the right to modify the rules of the race, without prior notice.

13. COPYRIGHT: The organization reserves the exclusive copyright to photograph and videotape the match by associates to whom it assigns this work. Every athlete whose application is accepted, automatically accepts this condition, knowing that his face can appear in photos or videos, without being asked for permission and without being able to claim any compensation from any publication of the material.

ACCOMMODATION: ASTERAS HOTEL tel: 2332052332 – 2332052336 HESEL HESELS tel: 2332020250 DRYADES HOTEL tel: 2332020009 HOTEL DELAGIO tel: 2332022333 MARGARITAS ISLAND tel: 2332023915 – 2332025656 ΣΦΕΝΔΑΜΟΣ tel: 2332044844 MILITSA GUESTHOUSE tel: 2332022122 ARKOCHORI MILL tel: 6976257412 GUESTHOUSE NIAOUSTA tel: 2332022374 GUESTHOUSE NOSTOS tel: 6944302021 General Manager: Paris Konstantinos tel .: 6979521257 THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE: Tzionas Dimitrios tel: 694 710 0542 Biliouris George tel: 697 394 5967 Fraggopoulos Gabriel tel: 694 654 0219 Petrakidis Stelios tel: 698 752 9292 Button Angela tel: 697 844 9028 Mantsou Eleni tel: 698 714 7445 Kotziambasis Zacharias tel: 697 288 8688


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