Central Greece

The organization of a series of 5 running events with a unifying element in Central Greece was announced by the Region of Central Greece through its representative.

The 1st Sterea Run that includes races in the 5 regional units of Central Greece, namely in Amfissa, Chalkida, Livadia, Karpenisi and Lamia.

5 Regional Units, 5 Capitals (6 Municipalities), 5 Great Champions, Anastasia Marinakou, Gelaouzos Costas, Marios Anagnostou, George Stamoulis, Giorgos Dialektos, 5 Certified Routes with the specifications of World Athletics – AIMS/IAAF, 5 Runners’ Associations, PED of Central Greece, EAS SEGAS of Eastern Sterea and Evia, 1 REGION the Region of Central Greece.

In fact, every race will have a “representative” a Greek Champion

Amfissa – Constantinos Gelaouzos

Chalkida – Anastasia Marinakou

Lamia – Marios Anagnostou

Livadia – George Dialektos

Soon we will have more news about the individual events and the main one.

Detailed race dates and distances

21/5 Amfissa night run (10, 5, 1.5 km)

5/6 Ληλάντιος Ημιμαραθώνιος (21.1km Eretria Chalkida, 10km relay)

2/7 Livadia night run (10, 5, 1.5 km)

16/7 Karpenisi night run (10, 5, 1.5 km)

1/10 Lamia night run (10, 5, 2X5 relay, 1.5 km, race for People with Disabilities)

In 2 words… Sterea Run

Very soon the official press conference with the presentation of the Promo Video, of our Page, of our Champions as Ambassadors, of the Appearances, of the Medals, of the Prizes and many more surprises…


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