Registrations for the 1st Stroumboulas Trail have already started!

The sports club Hochlios team in co-organization with IDEAN ROUTES announces the details of the races, which will take place on the first weekend of July.

On Saturday, July 2, at 18:00, the first downhill race that has been organized in Crete so far will take place, called “Downhill Speed Trail”. The start will be given from the top of Mount Stroumboulas and will end at the homonymous plateau. The length of the route is 2.1 km with 330 meters of negative altitude difference, with the terrain requiring special attention due to the weak ground and steep slopes.

After the athletes run the downhill race, they will be able to participate in the uphill race called “Uphill Challenge”, which starts on the same day at 19:40. The length of the route is 3.5 kilometers with 500 meters of positive altitude difference. Athletes manage to participate in both races (downhill and ascent). The start will be given from the impressive location “Voulismeno Aloni” and through a path the athletes will be led to the top of Stroumboulas, 798 meters high.

The next day, Sunday, July 3, at 8:00 a.m. will start the race “Pyramid Circle Trail”, which will have as a starting and ending point the Stroumboula plateau. The “Pyramid Circle Trail” is a mountain race of medium difficulty which includes continuous fluctuations in the slopes of the ground, with passes through ridges, technical paths, steep ascents-descents and stony ground. There is a wait for detailed verification of the data of the race, however the length of the route will not exceed 12 kilometers and the altitude will range from 600-800 meters +/-.

Finally, on July 3 at 10:00 a.m. , the start of 2000 meters, an easy route in dirt, for children will be given!

The games, apart from the sports part of the promotion of mountain running and in general of human contact with nature, have the main purpose of highlighting and protecting the natural wealth of the area, which is threatened by the installation of wind farms, despite the fact that the area belongs to the Psiloritis Unesco Global Geopark.

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