Attica, Peloponnese



SwimRun is a race with many peculiarities and challenges. Athletes take part in pairs, which compete in off-road running and swimming in the open sea, with continuous alternations from one sport to another, tied together with an elastic rope.

The first application of the sport in the Mediterranean, started in Greece and specifically in Hydra in November 2018. In fact, while it was planned to make 3 alternations of each of the two sports of swimming and running a total distance of 14.7 km (3.7k Swimming and 11k running), finally due to the weather there were two alternations of a total distance of 13.1km (3.1k swimming and 10k running). Since then (in 2019 and after) the realization of two distances was planned:

– Initiation to SwimRun 9,4k (Swim 0,6k | Run 4k | Swim 0,9k | Run 3,9k) και ​

– Core distance SwimRun 23,6k (Swim 1,5k | Run 5,5k | Swim 1,7k | Run 7,8k | Swim 2,6k | Run 4,5k) ​

– Advnaced distance SwimRun 42k

Athletes can swim with aids such as paddles (hands) or pull buoy (barrel) and wear running shoes. Inflatable aids that are not provided by the organizer are not allowed. However, whatever equipment they use in either sport should be carried with them throughout the race, whether wearing it or carrying it.

Each pair will have to run the whole race and finish together, tied with the special rope given by the event. The wetsuit is mandatory, as well as the swimming cap and the special T-shirt of the event (Bib Number) that should not be worn during the whole race. Shoes and wetsuit can be taken out while swimming or running respectively, but athletes must bring them with them to the end (provided by the organization and the use of an individual waterproof float to the sea), while the uniform, at next swim, should be worn.

The experience is unprecedented, very intense and with amazing alternations of emotions. The landscape and nature offered by the terrain of Historic Hydra, fits perfectly in the fulfillment of all the parameters of a special and indelible sports experience



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