Attica, Peloponnese


SwimRun is a multi-race race with pairs of athletes competing in off-road running and swimming alternating runs from one sport to another.

For 2021 two distances are planned:

– Initiation to SwimRun 9.4 (Swim 0.6k | Run 4k | Swim 0.9k | Run 3.9k) and

– Core distance SwimRun 23.6 (Swim 1.5k | Run 5.5k | Swim 1.7k | Run 7.8k | Swim 2.6k | Run 4.5k)

Athletes can swim with aids such as paddles or pull buoys and wear running shoes. Inflatable aids not provided by the organizer are not permitted. However, they should use equipment in either sport to have it with them throughout the race, either wearing it or carrying it.

Each pair should run the entire race and finish together, tied with the special rope given by the event. The wetsuit is compulsory, as well as the swim cap and special shirt number (Bib Number) that should not have to take it out throughout the race. Shoes and wetsuit can go out while swimming or running respectively, but athletes should carry them to the end (given by an individual waterproof float), while uniforms at the next swim should to wear.



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