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The Greek Triathlon and Sports Club of Long Lasting “Ehchidas” is pleased to announce the 20th Anniversary Eucharistic Feast to be held on 10-12 May 2019.


In the framework of the 20th Anniversary Euchido Feat, the Games will be held:


215 km Delphi-Plataies-Delphi 10-11 May. The start will be on Friday 10 May at 07.00 at Delphi. The runners will run to Plataea where they will reverse and return to Delphi. The duration of the match is 36 hours, ie the last will end on Saturday 11 May at 19.00.
Eugene’s feat 107.5 km Plataies-Delphi 10-11 May. The start will be at midnight Friday, May 10, at Plataies. The duration of the match is 15 hours.
The last runner will finish in Delphi on the afternoon of Saturday 11th May at 3pm.

Route 9 Muses -Artos 59 km. Anna (Elicon) – Delphi. The start will be given to Ag. On Saturday, May 11 at 08.00. The duration of the match is 9 hours.
That is, the latter will end the afternoon of Saturday 11 May at 5 pm.


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