The Cultural Association of Livadiotes announces with great pleasure the 2nd and long-awaited Leivadi Trail, which will take place, this time, on the beautiful paths and forests in the village of Livadi, Thessaloniki on July 10, 2022.

We are returning more dynamically, after the successful first event of mountain running in our historic village, in which more than 500 athletes and visitors participated in the two routes of 17.6km and 4km.

This time our routes will be three: 24km, 12km and 4km. and the biggest emotions! We strengthened our long route with a new deceptive path, in order to satisfy the athletes who want a longer and more demanding route. We have designed a route of medium length 12km and of little difficulty for the athletes who want a well-paved and fast terrain for mountain and for people who want to start the amateur mountain racing part and to measure their strengths. At the same time, we support the 4km route. but where and there we will have awards of the distinguished.

In the heart of summer, the village of Livadi, with temperatures almost -10οC from those of the city and with an altitude of between 850m. with 1020m. is waiting for you for new mountain running races, in an unexplored natural paradise just 30km from the center of Thessaloniki.

The season is ideal for mountain running, as all routes will be forested, with chestnuts, oaks and beeches at their best embracing the sky and accompanying the athletes throughout the route.

A summer, but also very cool, race in nature awaits you!

Stay tuned to for more details!

On the occasion of the intention to operate a marble quarry in our area, the race is not only a sporting event but also an opportunity to express, once again, in our own way our opposition to the reckless use of the natural environment without thinking about ecological disaster.

A detailed announcement will follow soon and the electronic registrations will open.


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