Macedonia, Thrace


According to its calendar, EAS SEGAS, according to its calendar, in cooperation with the Municipality of Amphipolis and the Cultural Association of Young Kerkyli, announces the 2nd road race for sacrifice on a public road, under the aegis of the Ministry of National Defense, under the following terms:


DATE: Sunday 7 October 2018.

AFTER-TERMATION: Nea Kerdylia Square

DISTANCE: 10,000m.

ROUTE: Starting from Nea Kerdylia Square to the Fallen Monument (5th km) and return.

Route characteristics and altitude differences.

The route is on asphalt. At the starting point the altitude difference is 10 m at 1 mm 44 m, 2 mm 60 m, 3 mm 136 m at 4 th 206 m at 5 th mm 297


RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE: There are athletes belonging to the power of the members of SEGAS, as well as veterans and independent athletes.

PARTICIPATION DECLARATIONS: Participation forms – entries of the athletes of three will be made electronically at E-mail eassegas.anmth @ & or fax 2321050818 of EAS until Thursday 4 October and in the field of matches one hour before start their sport.

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