The Municipality of Voio and the organizing committee are pleased to announce that the favorite running race, VoioRace, returns renewed for the second (2nd) consecutive year.

This great social and sporting event has been “embraced” by all the residents of the Municipality of Voio and athletes from all over Greece and abroad who combine an excursion to Voio with their participation in the event.

In the schedule of the VoioRace races, from this year the road race of Neapoli is added. A race that has been characterized as “the fastest 10km in Greece” and with an equally competitive 5km. The VoioRace’s organizing committee feels a special honor but also an obligation to meet the expectations of all the athletes who will take part and the people who organized the Neapoli race in recent years.

The first start takes place on Sunday, June 19, 2022 in Neapoli, with the organizers attempting to return to normal sports.

The schedule of the four (4) races is as follows:
– June 19 in Neapoli, (5km Road Race, 10km Road Race)
– August 7 in Namata (Mountain Road Race 22km)
– August 28 in Avgerinos (Mountain Road Race 24km)
– September 11 in Bourino (19km Mountain Road Race)

With the aim of contributing to the development of the area and motivating more and more people to have special experiences with family, friends and visiting great locations, we designed a different sports and entertainment event.

Those who took part in the 1st VoioRace speak about it with enthusiasm and nostalgia, so our commitment is to use the imagination and appetite of the committee, so that it excites those who will live this year ‘s event.

Online registrations will open on May 10, 2022 on the page

We are waiting for you all on a date of adventure and strong experience.


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