The Tsaritsanis Association for Adornment and the Marathon Drivers Association of Larissa are organizing the 3rd Tsakitsanis Mountaineering Game. Specifically, the matches will be held 1) Semi-marathon 21 km 2) Segia trail 8 km. and 3) hikes 4.5 km and 1.5 km, as well as a 1000 m race for young children named Kryovrysi fun run on the paths of the mountain and forest of the Historical and Martyric Community of Tsaritsani on Sunday 09-09-18, with the support of the Region of Thessaly, the Municipality of Elassona, the Municipal Community of Tsaritsani, the Elassona Forestry School, the Center for Environmental Education of Kisavou-Elassona, the Tsaritsani Women’s Association, the Tsaritsani Equestrian Club and athletes, as well as with the support of Volunteer Rescuers Elassona. It will also take place under the auspices of the Hellenic Federation of Folklore and Sport (EO.S.M.M.M.A.), Professionals, the active participation of other local volunteer groups and Associations of the wider region of the Municipality Elassona, Prefecture of Larissa.

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