The technical information is always used on the eve of the match at the location of the match. Yet another year the pandemic puts a brake on it. So we will be limited to technical information via internet and social media. In case there are questions / queries you can send them to the following e-mail ( and the necessary clarifications will be made as soon as possible.


TSARITSANI trail 30 km. & SEGIA trail 8 km.

STARTING HOURS: 30 km. 09:00 am – 8 km. 10:30 am


The marking of the race is frequent every 50 to 100 meters with marking ribbons (red / white), with a painted red and yellow mark and with directional arrows in one or two different colors. In many places the route of both races is common.

If for more than 100 meters you do not see a sign like the ones mentioned above, then you should go back and find the last sign. Asphalt roads will have painted directional arrows.


All trails have been cleared and are waiting for you to enjoy them. Most of the route consists of special technical paths. There are still points that need special attention.

There are not many brick paths in the race, but you should pay special attention to their slipperiness, depending on the weather.

Roots of trees or large shrubs that have been removed are painted with color to catch your attention.

You will encounter rivers and streams many times you will pass over them and please be careful.

Watering hoses at the 11th km and from the 20th km to the 23rd are available for the 30 km runners. They have been placed carefully by the organization but again please pay close attention.


There will be 7 refueling stations in the race which are described below:

RACE 30 km.

  1. Bundle at 3.8 km (water).
  2. Ai Sotira Rock at 7.8 km (water, raisins and snacks).
  3. Segia at 10 km (water, isotonic, dry food, raisins and catering from the company ETHICSPORT). The station is also a checkpoint.
  4. Gortsia at 12.5 km (water).
  5. Cocoon at 16 km (water, bananas, raisins, savory snacks).
  6. Paleochori at 19km (water, boiled potato, savory snack, isotonic).
  7. Segia at 24 km (water, isotonic, dry food, raisins and catering from the company ETHICSPORT).



At the 4th km (water raisins, savory snacks).


There will be a time limit in the 30 km race only in the 10th km the athletes should not exceed 2 hours.


There is no mandatory equipment for athletes but the use of mountain running shoes is considered necessary. It is also recommended to have a water tank, waterproof or windproof, hat or cap, gloves depending on the weather. The abandonment of equipment along the route at the station points is the responsibility of the athlete.


At all power stations, and in between, there will be radio transmitters who can communicate with the base of the race just in case as well as rescuers – to provide assistance where needed. An ambulance and a doctor will be on hand at the end of the race.


There will be blue recycling bins at each station. Please consume the water supply and catering products at the station only so that they are collected directly by the volunteers and DO NOT leave the respective station with any kind of packaging.


Athlete abandonment can only take place at a power station for athlete safety reasons.


All trails also have a separate hiking sign. We draw your attention not to be distracted by it and to always follow the signs of the race alone (as mentioned above).


To receive your participation package you can come to the secretariat on Sunday 3/4 from 07:30 to 08:30 at the Tsaritsanis Community store located next to the square. You will need to present your ID card and the vaccination-disease certificate or RAPID TEST (48 hours), PCR TEST (72 hours) as you stated during your registration.

Timing – Bib Number

The Bib number should be in a conspicuous place. An athlete who will not have the bib number with him and his time will not appear due to poor placement of the chip, you will consider his participation in the race invalid.


With this form, the following signatory organization of mountain running races, submits its health protocol for conducting a sporting event (race), which is classified as “off-stage racing”.



2. TIN of the event:

3. Representative of the event: TSARITSANI LANDSCAPE ASSOCIATION

4. Contact telephone: 6944247867

5. Contact email:

6. Length (distance) of the route: 30km and 8km. and children’s race 2km.

7. Number of events (races) of organization: 3

8. Events (races) per day: 1 match 2/4/22 and 2 matches 3/4/22

9. Type of participation: Individual

10. Participation distribution of vaccinated / unvaccinated (in%): 95% and 5%

11. How to register: Online

12. Number of entries (in full): A total of 400 athletes for all 3 games

13. Venue (city or village / prefecture): Tsaritsani, Larissa

14. Exact starting location: Tsaritsanis Square

15. Exact finish location: Tsaritsanis Square

16. Date of the event: 2-3 April 2022

17. Event start time: 08:30

18. End time of the event: 15:00

19. Event duration in hours: 6 hours

20. Starting method: Per 50 athletes

21. Use of mask indoors: mandatory

22. Use of mask in open spaces: mandatory

23. General precautionary measures: all that are defined by the relevant JMCs

24. Prizes: will not take place

The race described above, will be carried out with the specifications and conditions, provided by the latest document of instructions for the drafting of health protocols of the General Secretariat of Sports (last updated from 31.01.2021).



  • Holding competitions with a percentage of at least 95% of vaccinated or sick athletes (with a valid vaccination or disease certificate) and up to 5% of non-vaccinated athletes.
  • According to the provisions, those who present a vaccination certificate or a valid disease certificate (based on the current JMC) are excluded from the screening tests with COVID-19 antigen test.
  • Unvaccinated minor participants (under 18 years of age) participate in a self test within 24 hours before the race (recommended on race day).
  • Unvaccinated adult participants (18 years and older) with PCR within 72 hours or rapid test within 48 hours.
    Use of a mask by athletes until the start and again after their finish.
  • Registrations are made in advance electronically and gatherings at the race secretariat are avoided.
  • The maximum number of participants is determined based on the current JMC. The current one from 14.01.2022 does not provide for a limit on the number of participants provided that the percentages of vaccinated / unvaccinated are observed (95% to 5%).
  • At the start and end of the route, measures are taken to avoid overcrowding with forecasts of continuous flow of participants.
  • Adult participants who have been vaccinated and have passed at least seven (7) months after the second dose or in the case of single-dose vaccines from the single dose, are considered fully vaccinated only if they have received the booster dose (paragraph 2 of Article 9 of the current JMC).
  • Award ceremonies are not allowed! Accordingly, an adjustment can be made and the athletes can receive their medals themselves from a table, without contact, without crowding.
  • Manifestations of personal rudeness between the staff of the event and athletes (hugs, handshakes) are avoided.
    Spectators are not allowed in the matches.
  • The starts can be made either individually or in blocks of up to 50 people at most (it does not matter if they are mixed or pure races) with a time difference between the starts of the blocks of 5-10 minutes (ideally 10 minutes).
  • The races that take place on the same day as long as they have the same starting point to be considered separate, the start of the last block of the 1st race must be at least 30 minutes away from the start of the first block of the 2nd race.
  • If EXPO (product exhibition) operates at the scene, then the provisions of the respective field of each JMC for trade fairs apply.
  • It is necessary to perform either a 72-hour PCR test or a 48-hour rapid test on the vaccinated staff of the event.
  • Vaccinated or sick personnel are exempted from the obligation to perform a test, they are only obliged to show the corresponding certificate.
  • The use of disposable gloves is only required when transporting clothing and providing medical assistance. Frequent hand sanitization is recommended instead of gloves.
  • For a case of covid-19 that will occur during the event, in competitors or staff, follow the instructions of EODY for the general population. Instructions here:   
  • The disinfection of the premises is done based on the provisions of EODY. Details here:

We are now counting down for the start of the 5th Mountain trail race Tsaritsani – Olympus

The preparations continue feverishly and our impatience to welcome you is huge!

We would like to remind you that for your best service our secretariat will be open on Sunday, April 4 from 7:30 -08: 30 for the 30 km race and from 8:30 to 10:00 for the race 8km in the Community of Tsaritsani next to the square in order to receive your participation package.

Please have at least 1 hour before the start of the race in which you participate.

Some last reminders and recommendations, in order for your attendance at the event to run smoothly, smoothly and safely, are the following:

Please follow the instructions of the volunteers and those in charge of the event with understanding, as the health protocol must be strictly adhered to, for the safety of all of us.

The use of a face mask is mandatory throughout your stay at the secretariat.

The participating athletes must have with them the certificate of vaccination or disease or PCR test (72h) or rapid test (48h) and their identity.


Starting hours of the games:

SATURDAY 2/4/22 time (18:00) children’s race Kriovrisi Fun Run 1km

SUNDAY 3/4/22 are the following:

30km Race (09:00)

SegiaTrail 8 km (10.30)

Hiking 4.5 km (10:40)

The starts of each race will be made in blocks of a certain number of people, as they will be indicated by those in charge of the event, based on the health protocol.

Awards will not be made but the winners of the races will receive their souvenirs at set times set by the organizing authority and the athletes will be informed in a timely manner. Indicative hours of receiving souvenirs from the winners of the Segia Race trail 8km. 12:30 to 13:00.

For the 3rd km Mountain race, indicative hours for receiving souvenirs from the winners are 13:45 to 14:15 depending on the arrival time of the athletes.

Thank you very much for your participation, and for visiting the beautiful town of Tsaritsani.




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