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With the kind support of the N. Fthiotida Physical Education Graduates Association and the Association of Old Athletes of Classical Sports



1st Half Marathon

Route detected by IAAF

On Sunday, November 24, 2019

1. Date – venue: November 24, 2019 Sunday, 11.00am starting at the upper Thermopylae Square 550m before the statue of LEONIDA at Thermopylae (198 km Athens Lamia). The athletes will follow the Thermopylae – Alamana route through the Athens Lamia Regional Training Center and end at GORGOPOTAMO, passing through the Municipal Departments of Lamia – Damasta – Iraklia – Mosopoulos – Anikohleon – N.Krike finishing in front of the church of Gorgopotamos.


A. Road on rough terrain (asphalt) 21097.50 m.

B. Road 5,000 m (same route Moschochori starting point) for all ages

C. Road 1,500 m. For Primary School Students with Disabilities.

2. Right to participate.

21097.50 Half marathon, athletes 18 and over (born 2001 and earlier) belonging to the SEA Association of Athletes may participate in the race. S, Athletes Runners Clubs, individual athletes, athletes and anyone else who wishes.

B. 5.000m route for athletes of any age departs from Moschohori – N. Krikelo – Aleppo PEO and ending at 21097.50.

C. 1500m route for elementary school students and people with disabilities starts at the square of the Municipality of Lamia Municipality of Aleppo and ending at the same place with the termination of 21097.50 m.

Start time for all races concurrently with the half marathon 11.00am.

Elementary school students and people with disabilities will not be burdened financially.

Participating athletes at 21097.50m will be charged EUR 15.

Athletes participating in the 5000m will be charged EUR 10.

Participants at 21097.50m and 5000m will be given the numbers and t-shirts. For this reason state the size (S M L XL…) it should also be indicated on the declaration form.

In the deposit document, the name of the participating depositor must be given if necessary, if you have made a group deposit at the depository, please mail us ALL NAMES.

The entry form for the matches which have the cost of participation, is considered valid after the payment of the membership fee to the FAMILY LAMIA account and sending the relevant document to filathlitikossyllogoslamias@gmail.com within 3 (three) days from the date. After 3 days your registration will be deleted and you will have to repeat the process again.

Elementary school students and people with disabilities who wish to take the T-shirt for the 1500m will be charged EUR 5.

The money will be deposited in the National Bank account.

Beneficiary: Lamia Sports Association (GR3801103960000039629609668)

Please send it to this Bank because if it is sent from the other Bank above, their commission is around 3 Euros.

3. Applications for participation

Applications should be sent by Friday 22.11. 2019 to facilitate the work of the organizers.

A. Statements online in the following registration forms HERE


and by phone at 2231039958.

B. Applications will be made daily (17.00 – 19.00) at the Club Offices at KAMARITSA Stadium.

C. At the NRG spots store NETHY, Hadjopoulou 1 in Lamia daily opening hours.

Entries will not be made on race day. All participants are kindly requested to facilitate us in timely sending their applications.

Medical examination: Athletes under their responsibility must be examined by a medical doctor to determine that they are healthy and can fight without risking their lives. Participating runners are fully aware of and understand the risks involved in participating in the event with regard to possible health effects. Each runner participates in the event at his or her own risk and bears the full responsibility of participating in the event.

in terms of its ability to participate. Runners should have been examined by a doctor prior to their participation, due to the particularity of the race. The Organizing Committee of the event are not liable in the event of injury, the other impact which may be suffered by participating in the event. Runners are at their own risk, having undergone the necessary medical examinations and necessary cardiac examinations prior to the races. The organizers will not be asked for medical certificates for any athlete, since all participants are competing at their own risk and the minors are the responsibility of their parents or guardians.

Athletes of SEGA members will compete by presenting their sports card and health card as prescribed by law and in accordance with a joint ministerial decree issued on 24/12/18 by the Minister of Health and the Deputy Minister of Sport.


Number Delivery: The numbers will be delivered in the starting areas.

Responsible statements will be made at the race secretariat when the numbers are delivered. No number will be given unless the SEGAS Athletes submit their sports card and health card and a statement by the participating independent athletes.

Technical Instructions: The race will take place in any weather. The route is completely covered by asphalt. There are no particular elevation differences. The race will be held in accordance with International regulations.
On-track power stations during the race will comply with regulations, and fully comply with hygiene regulations.
Power stations will not be located on the athletes’ track.
Power stations have been clearly marked on the route.
Power stations will be available: At the 4th km, at the 8th km (Damasta) at the 10km. (Iraklia) at 14th. (Moschohori) at the 16th km (Vardates) at the 19th km after each power station at 50m. There will be a trash can.
Drinking water, energy drinks, juices and fruits will be provided to all participants upon termination.
All power stations will be under the control of adults who will be well informed.
All power station staff will wear signs.
The checkpoints will be electronic and supervised by referees.
Checkpoints are marked on the 21097.5m race map.
Any athlete who does not pass by and is marked by a checkpoint will be considered void.
RACES SAFETY The route from start to finish will be closed to vehicle traffic. The 21097.5m route is the official IAAF distance in accordance with the regulations.
The route map includes, start, stop, direction, altitude difference, refueling and first aid stations, checkpoints, rescue teams.
The race track will be tape or other material, blocked and supervised where necessary to ensure that racers run on the approved route.
The 21097.5m race track has been measured and certified by an official IAAF / AIMS meter. The route certificate will be available on race day. The Race Supervisor will check that the route planned on the race day is in exact agreement with the Certificate of Measurement.

Participant Awards:

a. All finishers of the 21097.5m, 5000m, and 1500m finishes will be awarded a medal finish and a commemorative diploma with the track performance.

b. The first winners of each category will be awarded a cup, a medal.


1. Athletes – Threes 1500m (Students) of Primary Schools. 2. Athletes – Thirty-five independently

Half Marathon Athletes – Three

3. (A1 – Θ1) 18-29 (2001-1990)

4. (A2 – Θ2) 30-39 (1989-1980)

5. (A3 – Θ3) 40 – 49 (1979 – 1970)

6. (A4 – Θ4) 50 – 59 (1969-1960

7. (A5 – I5) 60 and above

8. Disabled people A. M. E. A

Organizer of the race SPILIOPOULOS GEORGIOS

Phone: 6949063050 – 2231039958.


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