The EAS SEGAS Northern Peloponnese in cooperation with the Municipality of Patras, the Patras Health Association of Patras and the Panacha Gymnastics Union, organize the race on a Public Road

under the firm,

36th Semi-Marathon Road of Achaia “FANIS TSIMIGKATOS”

It is dedicated to the memory of the Patriotic Athlete – Marathon Runner

Fanny Tsimigatou

At the same time, we will:

10,000-meter Health Track Race,
1,000-meter Street Racing for Primary and Disabled People,
The Games will be held in accordance with the following terms:

Sunday 21 October 2018

Half Marathon Race:
Start time 10:00 am

Start: KAMINIA SQUARE, towards Patras. The course of Semi-Marathon follows through the PEO of Patras – Pyrgos the areas ANEMOMYLOS, TSOUKALÉIKA, VRAKNEIKA. In Vrachneika, turn from PEO, turn left to OIKONOMOPOULOS ROUTE, turn right at ALEXIOUS DESPOTOPOULOS ROUTE (Monodendri), drive on ALEXIOU MOURTA ROAD, STAYPROPOULOS ROUTE, ROUTE 28 OCTOBER (ROGITIKA, Tsaousi) and enter again O, coming from our right. We continue at PEO (Paralia Patras), TOWN TOWER, turn left at the height of Eleftherios Venizelos street, entrance to Patras South Patras, route in the old port of Patras, exit the port at “PILI 7” at Heroes Polytechnic Street, route next to the sea ending and ending at PLAZ EOT Patras.

The course of the half-marathon is almost flat, with a maximum altitude of 8 meters.

10,000-meter Health Track Race:
Start time 10:00 am

Starting at the beginning of the TEA CRAFT, at the height of Kalavryta Street, in the KOKKINOS MYLOS area. The route is the same as that of Half Marathon, until the finish at PLAZ EOT Patras.

The course of the 10,000-meter Health Track is completely flat.

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