FREELAND ADVENTURE CAMP, the Forest Cooperative of Kiliomodi of Corinth and the Fire Protection Association of Kiliomodi “Soste to” announce the 4th Trail of Faneromeni Kiliomodi, which takes place on Sunday, February 19, 20231 in Kiliomodi.

It will include two routes, the 21 km, starting time at 09:30 and the 6 km (09:45).

The routes will start and end at the same point inside the camp “FREELAND ADVENTURE CAMP”. They start from an altitude of 360m with a highest point of 747m for the 21km and 490m. for the 6km. The 21 km have: 9,000m. trails, 11,500m forest roads and 500m asphalt. Wooden signs with red directional arrows, project tape in conspicuous places and kilometer indications The 6km. will be done in 5,000m forest road and 1000m path. Marking with yellow arrows, project tape and mileage.


Men and women over the age of eighteen (18) have the right to participate in the road event. Each runner takes personal responsibility for the necessary medical examination before the race. He is obliged to sign the relevant electronic responsible statement together with the registration. Failure to submit a responsible statement is a reason for exclusion from the race. We define the 300 runners as a “roof” of participation in each route separately. Attention: the position, ie the participation “locks” with the payment of the price and not only with the registration!


To be done electronically by filling in the relevant form on the site:


The participation cost is set at 20.00 euros for the 21km and 10.00 euros for the 6km.

Facilities – 21km Breakfast with mountain tea on arrival at the runner, Electronic timing from the company CHRONOLOG, Technical t-shirt, Catering at 4 stations, Heavy commemorative medal, “Golden Eggs” protein drink and a full meal after the finish Facilities – 6km., Breakfast drink with mountain tea, Electronic timing from the company CHRONOLOG, Technical t-shirt, Powering a station, Heavy commemorative medal, “Golden Eggs” protein drink and a full meal after the finish


The participation statement is considered valid after the payment of the participation fee, in the payment system of the organization by card (debit – prepaid – credit). No registration will be accepted if it is not accompanied by the deposit of the participation amount. The check of each registration will take place within three days from the date of submission of the application. The participants can cancel their participation until the 10th of February and are entitled to a refund with a deduction of 2 € for the transaction costs. In case of cancellation of participation, after the 10th of February 2022 the participation money is not refunded and no replacement of position is accepted by another athlete.


The delivery-receipt of the numbers, from the secretariat of the race, will take place at the premises of the camp “Freeland” from 07:30 to 09:00 on the day of the race. The technical information of the races will take place at the starting point, fifteen (15 ‘) minutes before the start. Exclusion time limit for the 1st route of 21km. 5 hours common for men and women are defined. Runners who reach the finish line late are obliged to hand over the timing chip to the managers and members of the organizing committee. The passage of all runners will be recorded at selected points of the route. As a limit for the completion of the 6km race. 2 hours are set00. Runners who will stop their effort when leaving are asked to contact the nearest checkpoint for safety reasons, to hand over the timing chip and to be informed on how to return to the Freeland area.


1st route of 21 km.

5 power stations are provided:

• 5 km., Water,

• 8 km., Water

• 12 full

• 16 km., Water

• 21 km complete

2nd route of 6 km, 2 power stations are provided:

• 3 km, water

• 6 km,


Mandatory equipment is not required for athletes, but it is recommended that they have minimal survival equipment, such as a waterproof jacket, emergency food for those athletes who believe that this will provide additional safety and comfort during their effort. Water will only be offered in a disposable cup. The weather on the day of the race may be bad due to the season, so it is advisable to take special care of the clothing.

PRIZES Souvenirs – prizes:

1. For the first three winners of the general classification, men & women of both routes: Cup – Medal

2. For those who finish in the 2nd route of 6 km and those who finish late in the 1st route of 21 km: Heavy medal.

3. Age categories: Men 21km 18 to 29 years old: cups, the first three 30 to 39 years old: cups, the first three 40+ years old: cups, the first three Women 21km 18 to 29 years old: cups, the first three 30 to 39 years old: cups, the first three 40+ years old: cups, the first three


The first 3 are excluded from the age categories – first, general classification and for the category to be valid there must be at least 6 runners


The event will take care of the safety of the athletes, with the presence of Volunteer Teams of the area and part of the Greek Red Cross, which will be on standby along the route, ambulance in an accessible place and at the finish there will be care for first aid by specialized staff . Every runner must be careful in his movement, especially on the trails and give his turn to faster ones who want to overtake. In case of injury of an athlete, the Organizing Committee should be notified immediately by athletes who are aware of such an incident, for which in each participation number a telephone number of the secretariat is written for immediate communication.

The Organizing Committee is not responsible for any health problems or physical integrity of the athletes who will participate in the race. All athletes, during the race, will have insurance coverage by the insurance consultant Vangeli Mavragani.


Runners who will not pass or will not be registered at the checkpoints are canceled. The intermediate result will be checked before their names are removed from the final table.


Objections will be made only by the runner himself up to 30 minutes after the finish to the officials of the Organizing Committee.


In case of extreme weather conditions, a very rare phenomenon for the region, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to postpone or even cancel the race. In case of heavy rain on the eve of the race the race will be held normally. In case of cancellation of the race, the Organizing Committee will set a new date.


The organizing committee due to the covid-19 pandemic adapts all the data to the following protocol. If changes occur after the publication of the announcement there will be information from the organizing committee. The implementation of the protocol guarantees to the maximum extent the safety and hygiene of all participants: – Maximum number of participants for each of the 2 races is set at 300 athletes. Eligible to participate will be those who have accepted the terms of the event, which are provided by the current ones for the conduct of competitions and will be required one of the following documents: 1. Vaccination certificate. 2. Confirmation that the participant fell ill in the last 3 months. 3. PCR test of the last 48 hours. 4.Rapid test of the last 24 hours. – The starting area will be limited, the starts will be done in groups of up to 10 people with a difference of 1 minute, distance 2 meters and given that the timing is electronic, individual starts can be made, further reducing the crowding of many people. in the same place. -During the registration a health questionnaire will be completed which will certify the good health of the athletes and will be used for tracking until the next 5 days after the race.


At the camp area, the personal belongings of the three athletes will be provided, as well as a change of clothes after the end of the race. Also, for any athlete who wishes, there is the possibility of a hot shower after the end of the race.


It is possible to stay on the eve of the race at the camp “FREELAND ADVENTURE CAMP” after a timely consultation with the owner Athanasopoulos Alexandros at tel: 6974 883484. After the end of the race, a protein drink will be offered by the company “Golden Eggs” of Nikolaos & Panagiotis Skourtis as well as a traditional meal, a boiled goat.


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