3rd Arsakeos Road is being held on Sunday, October 21, 2018, at 9.00 am. It is a road open to all those who would like to participate in a sports feast of the Arsakeio Schools.


The 3rd “ARSAKEIO Road” will include trail 5 km, starting and ending the Arsakeia-Tositseia Schools Ekali, dynamic walking 5 km on the same route and immediately after the race within 900 meters of schools facilities for students 8-12 years old. The participation fee for runners of 5 km and for the walking potential will be 5 euros for high school students, 10 euros for older students and adults. The cost of participating for the 900m class will also be 5 euros.

Date of Conduct: 21 October 2018


Start Time: 09.00am

Participation right:

In order to participate in the Road Structure and the 5km pedestrian potential he must have reached the age of 12 (born in 2006 and older). The participation fee is 5 euros for high school students, 10 euros for older students and adults.


Center for Organizing Events: Arsaceia Tositsia Ekali Schools

The Registration Center of the Tournament, where all RUNNING RUNNERS will have to receive their participation number with the timing chip, will be open to the public in the following days and hours:

Saturday October 20, 20: 10.00 – 20.00

Sunday 21 October 2018: 07.00 – 08.00




Route Description:


Starting point: The start of the Road Struggle and the 5km pedestrian race is given within the building premises of the school.

Route: The route of 5 km follows the streets: Exiting the Building school facilities Av. Marathon (direction of Ag. Stefanos) Reversal height Street Gr., Log in Building the school premises, dirt road within the school buildings, Termination.


Termination: Athletes end in the building premises of the school, at the same place they started.


Match Completion Time Limit:


The termination timeout is 75 minutes. All participants must have finished by 10.15


Participant Health:

All runners-runners participate in the match WITH EXCLUSIVE LIABILITY. The organizers have no responsibility for issues pertaining to the health of the participants and are due to a lack of preventive medical check-ups. It is recommended that the participants have undergone a recent medical examination before participating in the match. Particular attention should be paid to people who are experiencing any form of cardiac problem. It is also recommended that participants aged over 35 years undertake complete cardiological testing before participating in the competition. The organizers will not request medical attestations for any athlete-athlete, as all participants compete with their own responsibility and minors under the responsibility of their guardians.


Support Stations:

In the reversal of the 5km Road Race there is a support station for the participating runners. Bottled water, juices and bananas will be available at Termination.



Medal and diploma awarded to the first three winners of the General Men’s and Women’s Award (awards will be given). All commemorative runners will receive a commemorative medal, and after the announcement of the official results of the race, the runners will be able to download their participation certificate free of charge from the website of the event with their finish times.


Bundle of Benefits


Each runner-runner will receive a start pack that includes the entry number, sticker number for his personal items, electronic timing chips, fight t-shirt.

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