The Municipality of Megara and the NPD Social Solidarity & Sport “Herodoros” of the Municipality of Megarea in collaboration with “Apollo West. Attica », the A.O. Megaron and the Megaron Runners “Orsippos”, under the auspices of EOLSMA-Y, in honor of Byzantium, a great colonist and seaman of the 8th century BC. and founder of the city of Byzantium (later Constantinople) and other cities in the Mediterranean Sea (eg Iblia Megara in Sicily), organizing and announcing a race of overcrowding under the name, “3rd Byzantine 50km Race”
starting and ending at Vasilissis Frederikis Square (Litara Square) in Megara.

This year’s race will be dedicated to select runner Nikolaos Xeno, who lost the battle with the curse in October 2018. He will be remembered for a minute’s silence at the start of the race.

Date: Sunday 19 January 2020, 09:00


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