The Olympic Club of Igoumenitsa organizes Triathlon races for men and women on Sunday, September 25, 2022, in the city of Igoumenitsa.
1. Olympic Triathlon which includes: Swimming 1,500m / Cycle 40 Km / Running 10.000m
Start Time: 08.30 ‘
Attention: There is a group participation up to the number of fifteen (15) groups, for which the order of priority will be strictly adhered to when they participate.
2. Sprint Triathlon which includes: Swimming 750m / Bicycle 20 Km / Running 5.000m.
Start Time: 10.00 ‘
Attention: There is a group participation up to the number of twenty (20) groups for which the order of priority will be strictly adhered to in the entry form.
In the Pantheon Cultural Center of Igoumenitsa, the Games Secretariat will operate on Friday and Saturday 05 & 06.10.2019 from 17.30 to 22.00 and Sunday 06.10.2019 day of the race from 07.00 until the end of the Games.
The Triathlon races start with the swimming event, which will take place in a marked sea area behind the OLG’s parking lot, supported by floating means and a lifeguard team.
This is followed by the bicycle race which will start from the parking area, where the change zone will be located, with a northwest direction to the coastal zone – Drepano – Makrygali. The route is closed for the circulation of vehicles other than escort cars, vehicles and machines of EL.AS and the Coast Guard. The route is characterized by moderate difficulty with mild altitudinal differences and is entirely on asphalt road.
The races are completed with the race of the road, starting from the change zone, NW direction, Platania, Technological Educational Institute (TEI), the cycle path and reversal within its boundaries. The route is easy on flat ground with asphalt infrastructure.
The finish of each match will take place in a properly designed space with a shut-off arc in the Pantheon area.
The route plans will be posted on our Facebook page
The prizes will be awarded separately after the end of each match.
The Participations

Prompt notice: No athlete and no athlete will take part in the 4th il Porto Triathon without submitting to the secretariat his or her medical certificate or the athlete’s individual triathle. In any such case the payment of the participation fee will not be refunded but will receive the other benefits.

Participation in matches is submitted electronically. By submitting it, it declares the full acceptance of the terms of this notice.

It is essential that the name of each athlete who will take part in an individual competition and the name of one of the three athletes who will take part in a group competition, in the respective form of participation to be posted on our website

The cost of the individual participation is 30 € and the group participation of 45 € regardless of whether 2 or 3 athletes participate.

The contribution must be deposited within 3 business days of the date of the participation declaration of each participant. Any bank charges are borne exclusively by the depositor.

This includes:

– Participation in the match by electronic timing
– Individual Athlete Insurance
– Participation in the Pasta Party after the race
– An individual backpack
– Plastic wrist bracelet in the space of bicycle bases, which will be guarded by Security
– Personal athlete’s sports cart
– Water supply
– Technical T-shirt with the race and sponsor logo
– Commemorative medal, Diploma of participation
– Individual sandwich, beer, cereal bar, banana etc
– Racing photo material (3 Drones 6 micro-cameras, 3 photographers)
– Update results by Email

To confirm the participation, the amount must be deposited with the Bank:
PIRAEUS BANK: 5403088270423
IBAN GR: GR6201724030005403088270423

For clarification , please contact: tzovaras.george@gmail.com



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