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It is with great enthusiasm that we announce that in the 6th PEDION AREOS RACE “In the Neighborhoods of Athens” which will take place on 9/4/2023, there will be awards for age categories, men and women in the 10 km race.


The Board of Directors of A.P.S. “Athenian Runners”


The Athletic Cultural Association “ATHENS ROADS” in co-organization with the Attica Region, in the context of the events for the promotion of the beautiful park “PEDION AREOS”, announces the holding of the 5th Race Pedio Areos “In The Neighborhoods Of Athens” on April 9, 2023.

There will be two races, 5 and 10 km. The start will be given inside Pedio Areos, at the Statue of Athena. The runners, after a turn inside it, will follow a route to the surrounding neighborhoods, to finish again inside the Park.

The Race is under the auspices of the GGA, the Hellenic Federation of Popular Mass Sports and Long Distance Associations (EOSLMA-Y), the Hellenic Police, the World Sports Federation for all FISpT and the European Sports Federation for All UESpT.


The sporting event of the 5th PEDION AREOS RACE “In the Neighborhoods of Athens” moves in the triptych of EV AGONIZESTHAI, Culture and awareness of the environmental problems of our region.

ZOTEN, in collaboration with APS “ATHENS ROADS”, will be responsible for the organization and implementation of the environmental program. Our main commitment is to use the natural resources of our planet effectively, to reduce the negative impact on the environment and more specifically, to be responsible for the waste that will be generated at this cultural and sporting event.


START OF A 10 km RACE: April 3, 2022 at 08:30 a.m.

START OF THE RACE 5 km: April 3, 2022 at 09:00 a.m.


10 Kilometers (9,900 m)

PEDION AREOS (Starting Statue of Athena) – Ag. Charalambos – Ag. Taxiarches – Descent Heroes From Right Looking At Patission and Rise From The Opposite Stream – Statue of Athena – ALEXANDRAS – MAVROMATOU – EYTHERPIDES – PRIVIA – AGELIA – EYTHEOS – AMPHIAS – PLATIA GYZI – ODOS GYZI – MOMOFRATOU – BOUKOUVALA – LOMOVARDIS – VARVAKI – BALTETINIA (On the contrary with the traffic current) – BOUSGOU – ALEXANDRAS – MAVROMATAION – EVELPIDON – MOUSTOXYDI (opposite to the traffic current) – VALTINON (opposite to the traffic current) – Inversion – VALTASE Statue of Athena).

Race time limit 1 hour & 40 minutes. After the expiration of the time limit, the runners will be obliged to run on the sidewalk and at their own risk.

5 Kilometers (4,960 m)

FIELD OF AREOS (Starting Statue of Athena – St. Charalambos – St. Taxiarches – Heroes descent from the right looking at Patision and rising from the opposite stream – Statue of Athena) – ALEXANDRAS – MAVROMATAIOS against the traffic current) – Inversion – VALTINON (against the traffic current) – BOUSGOU – ALEXANDRAS – FIELD OF AREOS (Statue of Athena).


In the race there will be an electronic timing, offered by the co-organizer Attica Region.

In addition to the inspectors, there will be an electronic check point on the road in the five (5) km race, as well as two electronic check points in the ten (10) km race.


In the 5 km race there will be an intermediate table with water (common with 10 km) at the junction of Evelpidon and Moustoxydi streets.

In the 10 km race there will be three intermediate tables with water. One Evelpidon and Moustoxydi (common with 5 km, at 2.9 km), one Varvaki in the Church of Agios Eleftherios (5.3 km) and another Evelpidon and Moustoxydi (7.9 km).


Participants must be 12 years of age or older.

The conditions described below in the approved Covid-19 health protocol are also necessary and may change depending on the epidemiological conditions and the committee decisions.


Please enter your participation applications in the following link:

Applications will be accepted until Monday 28/3/2022 at 14:00.

No new entries will be given on the day of the race.


The limit for the 5 & 10 km races will be 400 entries per race.

For the fulfillment of the above limits, a strict order of priority will be observed and therefore the entries may close before the above date 28/3/2022 at 14:00.

Also, according to the existing instructions of the G.G.A. and the approved health protocol listed below, at least 95% will be vaccinated or sick (with a valid vaccination or disease certificate) and up to 5% will be unvaccinated participants (with the certificates listed below). Priority will be given to the unvaccinated.


The participation fee that will cover the costs of the match is set at 5 euros and is paid by deposit:


ACCOUNT 721 / 322525-93

IBAN: GR50 0110 7210 0000 7213 2252 593


ACCOUNT 0026-0604-74-0101580382

IBAN: GR70 0260 6040 0007 4010 1580 382

BENEFICIARY George Diamantis in both cases.

In case the participant makes the choice to deposit from another bank, he will be obliged to pay the expenses of both banks.

The above price covers:

  • Participation number
  • Electronic timing
  • Commemorative medal for the participants who will finish
  • Hydration
  • Technical T-Shirt, offered by the co-organizer of the Attica Region

ATTENTION: In the deposit, enter your name and the name of the match:


In order for the registration to be considered valid, the financial obligation must have been settled within 5 days from the application and in any case no later than 28/3/2022 at 14:00.


Ο Α.Π.Σ. ATHENS ROADS proceeded to the preparation of the following protocol for the 5th Race of Pedio Areos “In the Neighborhoods of Athens” distance of 5 and 10 km to be held in Pedio tou Areos and the surrounding neighborhoods on April 3, 2022, wanting to contribute as much as possible runners, as well as those involved in the event (organizers, judges, volunteers, etc.).

The following rules / measures / procedures may be revised in case the epidemiological data change, based on the recommendations of the expert scientists and the Health Committee of the GGA.


There will be 2 races, 5 and 10 kilometers. The maximum number of runners allowed is set at 400 per race. Out-of-competition participation will be strictly prohibited.

At least 95% will be vaccinated or sick (with a valid vaccination or disease certificate) and up to 5% will be unvaccinated participants (with the certificates listed below). Priority will be given to the unvaccinated.

Runners will be advised to wear a mask in any area, except during race time.

All staff / volunteers / judges / associates (approximately 100 people) will wear a protective mask and will be fully trained and educated regarding the procedures and regulations of the event, as well as the content of this Health Protocol. He or she will also have a valid vaccination or disease certificate, or have undergone a 72-hour PCR test or a 48-hour rapid test.

The basic rules will be reminded by the loudspeakers on the day of the race. Recommendations to avoid hugs and handshakes will be included.

During the race, a doctor’s office will operate in the area, which will be adequately equipped and will follow the instructions of EODY.


  • Spectators: The presence of spectators will be prohibited.
  • Common instrument / equipment disinfection instructions:

According to the Instructions of EODY for the cleaning / disinfection of non-sanitary areas:

Disinfection is recommended before and after using the equipment.

  • Case management of athletes, technical staff or club / federation / facility staff:

EODY instructions for the general population:

  • Transportation: The transportation of participating athletes, staff, judges, etc. for the purposes of the event will be done in accordance with the protocols of EODY for transportation.


The distribution of the participation numbers will take place in the morning of the previous day of the race outside the area of Pedio tou Areos and in the area of the statue of Constantine.

The distribution will be made by 2 service stations that will be located 5m apart and will have antiseptics available. Station volunteers will wear masks.

Conditions for receiving the number:

  • Certificate of vaccination or disease in force (based on the current JMC).
  • For unvaccinated or sick adult participants (18 years and older): 72-hour PCR test or 48-hour rapid test from race day.
  • For unvaccinated or sick minors (under 18 years of age): Self test on the day of receipt.


The clothes of the participants will be delivered to volunteers who will wear a mask and will place the bags in transparent disposable bags.

Runners will be advised to wear a protective mask until they take a position at the start.

When completing the entry form, runners will be asked to state the time they plan to cover 5 km or 10 km. Based on this time, runners will be divided into a block of 50 people, starting from the fastest to the slowest runners. The block of each runner will result from the entry number (runners of the 1st block will get the first 50 numbers etc). There will be consecutive starts per block.

Initially, the 10 km race will start. The 5 km race will start 30 minutes later.


There will be a recommendation to follow the rules of individual sports as they apply (avoid a distance of less than 2m). Runners should run wearing a jersey, which in no case should be removed before, during or after the finish, until the receipt of the bag with their clothes.

At the catering tables, volunteers will wear a mask and provide only bottled water.


The partial start of the runners, as already described, prevents overcrowding at the finish.

After the finish there will be a table from which they will receive a contactless plastic bag with water / soft drink and a finish medal.

Runners will receive the bag with the clothing they delivered before starting from the special area. There will be a recommendation immediately after runners wear a mask.

There will be no award process. Athletes will receive their medals and cups individually


The receipt of the participation numbers will take place on Saturday 2/4 in PEDIO AREOS, in the area where the statue of Constantine is (Alexandra & Mavromataion Avenue) and from 10:00 a.m. until 17:00.

Attention, participation numbers will not be distributed on Sunday.


Cups will be given to the first three men and the first three women of the 5 & 10 km races.

All the athletes who will finish will be given commemorative medals offered by the co-organizing Attica Region, as well as water, soft drinks etc.


There will be adequate medical coverage throughout the journey.


The photo coverage of the match will be done by Foto-Trexoume.


There will be care for the personal belongings of the participants.



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