Central Greece


The Race route is situated in a marvelous aesthetic area that is described by the beach of Psatha, the Ancient Pagon (Alepochori) and the area of ​​the bays that approach the beach of Schinos Korinthias.
Opposite are the Alkyon Islands (Kaly Islands) known from the ancient times, about 2 nautical miles, which have been named since ancient times, as well as the homonymous Gulf of Alkyonides, from the many clusters of alcion trees and multiplying in the many and inaccessible cracks of the multifarious coasts of the area.

Alcyons, since antiquity, have been birds that symbolized fellow loyalty and dedication, while in our folk tradition, aliens are a symbol of peace and prosperity in the homes, while it is considered a soothing of seashores and lightning. All this is due to the ancient myth of Alkyon and her companion, Cyrus, whom Zeus transformed into birds, after the laughter of the first (Alkiona) when she lost her partner …
While according to Mythology, it is also claimed that Jupiter, compassionate with the loss of Alkyon’s pregnant chicks, which was driven by the waves of the winter seas, ordered the winds not to blow during the winter trips (in January) the so-called Alkyonida days .
In front of the sea coastal route, stands the beautiful aesthetic pine forest of Mount Patera and its ends, with the Alkyonidos Gulf sea.

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