EAS SEGAS of Cerntal Macedonia and the Cultural Association of Krya Vryssi “Socrates” in the context of the events for the Macedonian Struggle: – MACEDONIANS MEMORIAL FUTURE – organize road races under the auspices of the Regional Unit of Pella and the Municipality of Pella.



3. COMPETITIONS: A. 3rd Half Marathon in Secrets of the Swamp 21.097.5m

North road 5.650 m (free running – dynamic walking)

C. 1,000 m road for primary school students

The matches will be held on the following terms:

3rd Half Marathon in the Secrets of the Swamp 21.097.5 m.

TRAINING DATE: Sunday, December 1, 2019 STARTING-TERMINATION: Krya Vrissi Community Building – Pedestrian Street Hours: 11:00 am


The route will be certified by an official SEGA meter.

It is flat and asphalted.

Departure from V. Pavlou to street market and prov. Road to Agios Loukas – Entrance to the settlement through October 28 – right Gono Yota – central park – settlement cemeteries – prov. road to Galatades – about 7km left to Esovalta – entrance to the settlement of Esovalta via Cyprus road – exit from the settlement – approx. road to Akrolimni – entrance to Akrolimni by Haral Street. Weaving – Eleftherias Square (Central Park) – Mandatory. Circle – left Konstantinidis Pavlos – exit from Acropolis and turn right. road to Krya Vrissi – Health Center – entrance to the settlement from Alexander the Great – right I. Metaxas – left Papanastasiou – left Sarantaporou – left Venizelos – V. Pavlou right – pedestrian street – finish.

DURATION OF THE RACE: The maximum duration of the race is 3 hours. Last Athlete’s Pass from 7th km (turn to Esobalta) 12:00 AM, from 12th km (Esobalton Bridge) 12:40 AM, from 14.1th km (continuous right and left turn) 12:55 AM, from 18th, 5 km (Krya Vrissi Health Center) 13:30. After the aforementioned hours the athlete runs at his own risk due to the restoration of vehicle traffic. Runner finishes at 14:00

RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE: In order for an athlete to compete in the race, he or she must have completed the 18th year, ie the year of birth 2001 and older…

PARTICIPATION COST: Individuals 10 € per person. Group – collective entries over 10 people 8 € per person. Deposit to National Bank no. Log. 624 / 540020-15 IBAN: GR67 0110 6240 0000 6245 4002 015 Cultural Association “Socrates” “to participate in the 3rd Half Marathon in the secrets of the swamp 21.097, 5 m, for financial support event”.

REGISTRATIONS: Enrollments will start on Tuesday, October 22, 2019 and can be made: Online at

To the president of the “Socrates” Association Pechlivanidis Kostas tel. 6944 221415 e-mail:

On the day of the race from 8:00 am to 10:00 am a maximum of 30 applications will be accepted as long as there are numbers available. The registration must be accompanied by a direct payment or a deposit slip to the account and the payment receipt submitted to the Registry on the day of the race upon receipt of the entry numbers and the individual timing chip.

Caution: Time will not be recorded and will not be included in the finishers, who either do not have the timing chip or pass over the timing mat at 10.5 km. In the middle of the route there will also be 5 more checkpoints for passing control runners. Applications will be accepted until Wednesday 27 November 2019.

PARTICIPATION NUMBER LIMIT: The limit for the number of entries is set to 300 athletes.

ROUTE CONTROL POINTS: Starting point (electronic), 7,300 m (handwritten recording), 10,500 m (electronic recording), 12,800 m (handwritten recording), 15,500 m (handwritten recording), 19,460 m (handwritten recording), 20.500 m (handwritten recording) , shutdown (online).

SUPPLY STATIONS: Starting point (bottled water), 4,100 m (waters), 7,300 m (waters, isotonic), 12,200 m (waters), 15,500 m (waters, isotonic), 18,400 m (waters), termination (water, banana, tea) mountain, juice, sweet).

AWARDS: The winners will be awarded a spot next to the finish at 14:00.

GENERAL CLASSIFICATION: The first and first three independently categories.

MEN CATEGORIES: 18 – 29 years old

30 – 39 years

40 – 49 years old

50 – 59 years old

60 – 69 years old

70 and over. WOMEN’S CATEGORIES: 18 – 29 years

30 – 39 years

40 – 49 years old

50 and over.

MEDICAL CONTROL: In all cases all competitors are solely responsible for their own responsibility. The organizers have no responsibility whatsoever for what happens to health issues and due to the lack of preventive medical check-ups. Participants are advised to have a recent medical examination. The organizers will not be asked for medical certificates, as all participants are at their own risk and the minors are responsible for their guardians. Any health problem that may arise during the race is entirely the responsibility of the athlete or the athlete. An ambulance and first aid station with defibrillator-trained medical and nursing staff will be on site. There will also be a cardiologist, orthopedic doctor and physiotherapist.

ROAD SAFETY: Pella Traffic with its staff and vehicles will provide a safe route for runners in collaboration with WEST SIDE SALONIKA volunteer motorcyclists, members of the N. Pella Special Forces Association and men of LEFED. Also, every intersection of roads within settlements will be guarded by volunteers from the Cultural Associations.


Common Road Race (Dynamic Walking) 5.650 m

BOTTOM – END: Krya Vrissi Community Building – Pedestrian Street Time: 11:15 am

ROUTE DESCRIPTION: The route is flat, asphalted. From the Community Building on St. Paul to St. Luke. Turn left onto Dodecanese until the Health Center – Stelios Kazantzidis left ring road – cemeteries – continue ring road – prov. Kryas Vrisis street – Alexandria left – Ecological Park – left Venizelos – V. Pavlou right – pedestrian street – stop

ROUTE DURATION: The maximum journey time will be 1 hour and 20 minutes. The deadline for finishing is 12:35.

PARTICIPATION RIGHT: Boys and girls from 13 years old and up can participate. Those aged 13 and up to 17 years old will require parental consent and signature of the relevant statement of responsibility (born 2002 to 2007).

PARTICIPATION COST: 5 € per person and free for students. Deposit to National Bank no. Log. 624 / 540020-15 IBAN: GR67 0110 6240 0000 6245 4002 015

Cultural Association “Socrates” on the grounds, “to participate in the 5,650 m endurance race – financial support for the event”.

REGISTRATIONS: Same goes for the participants in the Half Marathon. A number will be given to each athlete and there will be electronic timing.

PARTICIPATION NUMBER DEFINITION: The limit for the number of entries is set to 300 athletes. Up to 30 new entries will be accepted on race day from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM, provided numbers are available.

AWARDS: All participants who finish will be awarded a commemorative medal. In the first, all three will be given cups.

CATEGORIES OF MEN 13 to 17 years old High school, high school and EPAL students 18 to 39 years 40 to 59 years 60 years and over.

WOMEN’S CATEGORIES 13 to 17 year olds High school, high school and EPAL schoolchildren 18 to 39 years 40 years and over.

FINISHING SUPPLY: Water, juice, banana, mountain tea, sweet. Intermediate supply station at 2.5 km (water).

MEDICAL CONTROL: Applies to all participants in the Half Marathon.

ROAD SAFETY: With the responsibility of Traffic Giannitsa and with the assistance of the West SIDE SALONIKA volunteer motorcyclists, members of the N. Pella Special Forces Association, volunteers from the Cultural Associations and men of LEFED.


Road 1,000 m for elementary school students.

BOTTOM – END: Krya Vrissi Community Building – Pedestrian Street Hours: 11:30 am

ROUTE DESCRIPTION: From V. Pavlou to popular market – right of Aeschylus – right of Papatzanetea – right of 25th March – right of V. Pavlou (pedestrian street) – stop.

ROUTE DURATION: The longest journey will be 30 minutes. Student closure at 12:00 am

RIGHT TO PARTICIPATE: Students in grades 3, 5 and 5 of elementary school are eligible to participate.


APPLICATION FORM: The entry form is made and signed by the student’s parent or guardian, who also bears exclusive responsibility for any health issues that may arise.

AWARDS: All students who participate and finish are considered winners and will be given a commemorative medal. If a parent, with a younger student, wishes to participate with his or her child, he / she is welcome to state it.

STOPPING SUPPLY: Water, juice, banana, sweet.


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