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The Miltiades Humas 6 km and 1 km race in Samos Town were first held on 9th of July 2023, in the context of the events of the unveiling of the bust of Miltiadis Huma, at Sami Iroon Square, in Chora, Samos.

Street racing was an idea of ​​Nick Milt. Chouma (Chora Samou 1951 – Athens 2017).

ROUTE: The races will start from Sami Iroon square in Chora of Samos. In the children’s race of 1 km, at 500 meters the children will invade and return.
The 6 km race will also start from Sami Iroon Square in Chora of Samos. Runners will go to the Primary School of Mytilene and return to the starting point. At the reversing points the numbers will be recorded. Those athletes not registered at the rebound points will be excluded from the prize.

ROUTE MORPHOLOGY: From the starting point to the point of reversal at the Primary School in Mytilini, the route is slightly uphill. The return is slightly downhill. The whole route is on asphalt.


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