The Municipality of the Holy City of Messolonghi, the Association of Runners of the Holy City of Messolonghi and the General Assembly Charilaos Trikoupis, taking into account the current conditions of the spread of COVID 19 and the instructions of SEGAS, announce the conduct of the 4th and the 5 km parallel race for Sunday, October 16, 2022. The races are for the first time part of the official program of SEGAS and the IAAF World Federation of Classic Sports with all that entails. The races will take place with all the measures provided for protection against COVID 19, as they are specified in the Protocol, which has been drafted by the SEGAS health committee. It is also announced that the race routes have been certified by AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Races). The official announcement of the games will be announced soon.


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