Essentially the race covers the kilometer gap, which exists in the space of the disproportionate in our country, since the matches of the respective kilometers in Greece are eliminated. All the fight will be on an asphalt road and will connect the four Athanate heroes (Kolokotroni, Leonidas, Konstantinos Palaiologos, Papaflessa) from which the statues will pass where the match will pass from the respective cities (Tripoli – Sparta – Mystras – Kalamata). The essential route travels all within the Taygetus mountain range. The race limit is 24 hours and all those who have finished any over-distance race over the last 2 years, over 50 km, within the time limit set by the organizers, can take part in Greece or abroad. Also, all trails over 40 km that you have finished within Greece or abroad within the time limit set by the organizers are also considered as participation criteria.

The match has 4 points of cut:

-38 km, SOURCES OF EURO, until 00.30 (5 ½ hours)

-60 km KASTORI, until 04.00 (9 hours)

-80 km, SPARTI, until 07.00 (12 hours)

-106 km, until 13.00 (18 hours)

– Termination, Kalamata, 142 km until 19.00 on Saturday 27/10/2019

Match Costs:

A SELECTION): EUR 60.00 for those arriving by their own means of transport and includes all the services, plus 2 meals

B SELECTION): € 70.00 for those who use the coach from Athens and return back by coach and includes all the services plus 2 meals

To register click here:

You are invited to participate in the race, until Sunday 21/10/2019 at 00.00 in the evening. You are invited to deposit your participation fee up to Tuesday 23/10/2019. Beyond that, those who have not paid for their participation are canceled out of the match. Those who wish to register for more than 20 October, the cost of their participation is doubled. Payouts on the day of the match will not be accepted


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