The APS Miltiadis Marathon under the auspices of the Municipality of Marathon and the E.OL.S.M.A.Y. in the context of cultural events to highlight the wider area of ​​the Municipality of Marathon, for the 6th year is holding the most important Road Race of a distance of 15 km, 5 km, and 1000m. for children with entries on an asphalt road in memory of the great Philhellene and French Philologist Michel Breal in the Most Historic Municipality of Attica, Marathon.

Participating sportsmen and women will have the opportunity to run an asphalt route, flat with zero degree of difficulty measured, marked per km and certified by an International meter, with electronic timing crossing the northern part of the Marathon plain in the area of ​​Schinias and turning around in front of rowing track passing by the Makaria source, a recognized point of the Historical Battle of Marathon.

“The Michel Breal Victory Trophy” is a race of Remembrance, a race of Honor as well as a gesture of international gratitude from the citizens and athletes of the Marathon and those who Marathon runners and runners feel towards the Inspirer of the idea of ​​the Marathon Road.


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