Mountain running, off-road and hiking competitions

– The Municipality of Sitia and the Municipal Organization for Socio-Cultural Development of Sitia (DOKAS) announce the competitions of mountain running, uneven road and hiking.

DAY OF CONDUCT: Sunday, October 17, 2021

START 5 “Sitia Geopark Trail” 24 km: Zakros Square.


START OF THE ROAD 1,000 m. Boys – Girls Primary Schools Kato Zakros

START OF THE ROAD 300m. Disabled: Kato Zakros

START OF HIKING: Zakros Square


09.00 – MOUNTAIN ROAD RACE “Sitia Geopark Trail”


10:45 – 1000m Race. Boys – Girls Primary Schools

11:15 – Race 300m. Disabled

09.00 – HIKING

TERMINATION: Archaeological site of Kato Zakros

ROUTE 5 “Sitia Geopark Trail” Zakros Square uphill route through the path E4 Zakros – Kaneva, Sitanos, Skalia and finally the path E4 Skalia – Kato Zakros.

SUPPORT POINTS: Along the route there will be 7 water supply stations, juices, etc.

URONE ROAD ROUTE: Kato Zakros Tour

SUPPORT POINTS: Along the route there will be 3 water supply stations, juices, etc.

At the end of each race there will be water, juices and a small buffet for all participants.

PARTICIPATION: The participation of the athletes is 10 euros and you will be done through a platform of Eurobank where it will be sent to you by email.


• All participants will receive a diploma and a commemorative medal for participating in the races.

• Participants in the 24 and 6 km road will be provided by the organizers with an electronic chip to count their time.

• Supply with water and juices along the way.

• Sports with cups and medals for the first three in each category, as well as souvenirs of the Geopark to all participants.

• Match health coverage.

• Technical T-shirt and bag with the race logo.


24 km road

MEN – WOMEN: born 2003-1982, 1981-1966, 1965 and older.

6 km road

MEN – WOMEN: born 2003-1982, 1981-1966, 1965 and older.

Road 1000m.

Boys – Girls Primary Schools

Road 300m.

For the disabled


The Hotel Owners Association of Sitia and Palekastro-Zakros will offer special prices to those athletes who choose to spend the night in Sitia and the surrounding area.

The athletes and participants in the race of the 5th “Sitia Geopark Trail” 24 mm who will choose to spend the night in the city of Sitia will be transported to Zakros for the start. In case they choose another place to spend the night, they will have to take care of the transition to the starting point of the race.


Registrations for both routes, as well as for hiking, are made electronically until 15.00 on Thursday 14/10/2021, through the electronic form available at the link: ? h = bbf2a39d13442af7936eababcc460546

Also, by phone at 28430 23775. After the expiration of this deadline, statements can be made in person on Saturday 16/10/2021 at the Information Office of the Geopark in the city of Sitia 17:00 – 20.00, but without obligation of the event to procure an electronic timing chip.

ONLY for the route of the irregular road of 6,000 m. And 1,000 m. Participations can be accepted on Sunday 17/10/2021 until 9:30 in the morning at the Secretariat of the races in Kato Zakros.

SCHOOL PARTICIPATION: For the group participation of a school, a competent teacher of the school unit must submit by Friday 15/10/2021 to the e-mail of the Sitia Geopark a ​​list with the names and the class that each student goes to / student participant / participant. The group school participations will receive an honorary diploma to the school unit, which will be automatically included in the school network of the event “I run on the 5th” Sitia Geopark Trail “”.

ATTENTION: The participation of each child is the sole responsibility of the parent or guardian and with a responsible statement that will be given to the school and will remain there until the end of the event. The statement must state that the child is allowed to participate in the specific event.

ATHLETES TRANSPORT for the “Sitia Geopark Trail” 24 km from Sitia to Zakros and return from Kato Zakros to Sitia: The transfer will be free of charge by bus from the KTEL station of Sitia at 7:30 am. The personal belongings of the athletes will be transferred to the finish (Kato Zakros) under the responsibility of the organizers.

RECEIPT OF PARTICIPATION-RECEIPT OF NUMBERS FOR THE RACE: The receipt of the numbers of all entries will take place on Saturday, October 16 at the Information Office of the Sitia Geopark from 17.00 – 20.00


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