The MUNICIPALITY OF ARTAION, in collaboration with EAS SEGAS EPIRO and the ARTAS RUNNING ASSOCIATION, announce the 7th Artas Half Marathon under the name “Yofyrio’s Road”, as well as the races: Relay 21.1 km (2×10.550 meters), road 5000 m. Men-Women, walking path and road 300m. ,600 m. , and 800 m. for

Primary School students. DATE OF PERFORMANCE: Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 April 2023 START TIME: Saturday at 17:00 and Sunday at 9:30 START-: All the starts of the Sunday races will be given from the Gate of the Medieval Castle of Arta, the start of the walk, which will take place on Saturday, will be given from the “National Resistance” square (Central Square of Arta).

TERMINATION: All terminations will take place at the “National Resistance” square (Central Square of Arta).

COMPETITION DETAILS: At the link https://artarunningfestival.gr/ you can find all the details of the competitions Declaration of participation (In the electronic Administration) Date of documents for the match is from: FRIDAY 10 FEBRUARY 2023 Closing date for registrations for the competition is: FRIDAY 24 MARCH 2023 Registrations can only be made online using the special form available on the organization’s website. https://artarunningfestival.gr/


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