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IOS, co-organized by the South Aegean Region and the Municipality of Hittes, is organizing the 5th Homer Semi-Marathon Road (21.1 km) as well as a 10 and 3 km race that will take place on the island of Ios on Saturday, May 30, 2020.

Half Marathon mountain trail 21.1km

Date: Saturday 30 May 2020

Start: Agios Ioannis Monastery (South East End of Island)

Termination: Central square of Ios.

Starting time: 17:00

Race Distance: 21.097 km.

The rules of the International Classic Athletics Federation (IAAF) and AIMS will apply for the race. Support Stations: On the 20km route there will be 6 support stations (at 5, 7.5, 10, 12.5, 15, and 17.5 km) with bottled water and electrolytes as well as at termination.

Timing-Results: The timing of the matches will be done electronically. During the finish, the unofficial results of the match will be announced immediately, and the official results will be announced the next day, after the scrutiny of any objections by the race’s technical committee has been completed.

Entries: “Official” athletes (registered in the club), as well as independent athletes can participate in the race. Homer Street racers must be born in 2002 or earlier (≥18 years old).

Race time limit: To cover the 21.1km Homer Road route, a 3 hour time limit is set for completion. After this time limit, runners who continue their efforts will be required to comply with the Ios Road Traffic Code.

Awards – Prizes: Awards will be made to the top three in the overall rankings (men and women). All runners who finish on Homer Road will receive a commemorative medal and t-shirt for their participation.

Racing Safety – Health Coverage: To regulate vehicle traffic on all 3 lanes, I will be provided by Police and Road Traffic Police, while medical care for runners, if needed during the race but at the finish, will be provided by Ios Health Center in collaboration with a group of volunteers. Racers, cars, motorcycles or other vehicles are not allowed to follow during the race. The steering committee recommends that all competitors over the age of 35, for their own safe participation, undergo the necessary medical examinations beforehand to confirm that they are capable of participating in such intensity and duration. In all cases, all competitors are solely at their own risk and no medical certificates will be required for the participants.


10 and 3km race: Along with the Homeric 21.1km race, there will be a 10 / 3km race / dynamic treadmill for those runners and athletes prepared for a shorter run. On the 3km route, students of Primary, Gymnasium and young riders are invited to take part. On the 10km road / potential slide participants must be born in 2004 and earlier (≥16 years). The start of the 3km road will be provided by the water tank of the Ios Provincial Road – Agia Theodotis Beach at 17:30 and the stop will be at the central square of Ios (see route map). The 10km road start will be at 17:20. All runners finishing in the 3 and 10km race will be given a medal and a commemorative t-shirt. For the 3km race a cup will be awarded to the first grader (age> 15 years), the first / high school student (13-15 years) and the first / elementary student (7-12 years). A first / 10th overall race on the 10km road will be awarded a cup.

A prerequisite for the participation of underage runners is the presentation of their student ID and the consent of their guardian. In case of electronic submission of the application, the guardian will be required when receiving the entry number.


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