Announcement of race Olympia Trails 2019

5th Olympia Trails



The Olympia Trails 2019 (Veronica thessalica edition) race will take place on Sunday, December 8, 2019, on the same day as H. Enipeas. The race is dedicated to the unique ecosystem of Olympus and its endemic plants in particular.

The race route stretches for about 11 kilometers. It relates to a moderately difficult route with relatively gentle gradients. It travels on all types of terrain (footpath, dirt road, asphalt). The time limit for completing the effort is 3 (three) hours. Athletes’ supply is limited to one station, about halfway.



The race track starts and ends at the Olympus Marathon (in the theater of Litochoro Park). The minimum altitude of the route is 250 meters and maximum 650. The route is divided into trails, dirt roads and asphalt.



Men and women who have reached the age of 15 are eligible to participate in the race (their parents will be required for ages 15-18). There will be no entry limit. Each athlete is responsible for the medical examination of their health.



Enrollments, which will start at 8pm on Monday, September 23 and will end at 8 pm on Friday November 22nd, they will take place online. The participation fee will be paid electronically by credit, debit card or prepaid card.

Upon completion of the payment, the athletes will be displayed on the participant list.

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The race numbers will be received on the eve of the race (Saturday 7/12) and 18: 00-21: 00, as well as race day (Sunday 8/12) and 07: 30-09: 15 (half an hour before the start) from the Litochoro Municipal Park. Receipt of numbers requires the display of an official certificate certifying the athlete’s identity as well as his / her age.



The cost of participation is € 10.

Every athlete is entitled to a souvenir, a power station, a race number, a medal (those who finish within the 3-hour time limit), electronic timing and first aid support.



The event supplies the athletes with a place, in the middle of the route, in the area of ​​”bogs” (water and various snacks).


time limits

The race time limit is set at 3 (three) hours. There will be no intermediate exclusion time limit, however there will be an intermediate recording point. The limit is common to men and women of all ages.



Athletes do not require mandatory equipment, but are recommended to carry minimal survival equipment such as waterproof jackets, hemostats, emergency food, a cup (cups will not be provided at the Support Station) and a water tank. The aluminum blanket, as well as clothing accessories such as gloves and a cap, are recommended for those athletes who find that this will provide them with extra safety and comfort during their effort. The weather in December may be extreme due to the season. For this reason it is advisable for athletes to take special care of their clothing.



Commemorative prizes are given to the first three male winners and the first three female winners of the race.

All athletes who finish the race in time will receive a commemorative medal.



The event ensures the safety of the athletes with the presence of a rescue team on hand on the track. Every athlete must be careful in his movement. In the event of an injury to an athlete, the event staff must be alerted immediately by athletes who perceive such an incident.



For more information interested parties can contact the organization by email:


By the Organizing Committee

Litochoro, September 10, 2019


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