The Association of Friends of Kouri Forest organizes in collaboration with the Region of Thessaly, the Municipality of Almyros and the Association of Health Runners of Volos “Centaur” the 7th Folk Road Race on April 29, 2023 at 5:00 p.m.
5,000m & 10,000m. for adults
1,500 m. For High School students
500 m. For primary school students
500 m. For people with disabilitiesSupporters of the event: SA Dimitra Efxinoupolis, KDAP Disabled “Education”, EOS Almyros, GSA Almyros (track department), People of

The primary purpose of the race is for all participants to enjoy nature and running in the beautiful forest, giving everyone the opportunity to share experiences with fellow human beings and experience beautiful moments in nature.

With the phrase “Run for All” as a slogan we believe that the Forest creates a better tomorrow for all.

Prerequisite for participation in the race have recently been examined by a doctor and run at their own risk.

• Distances – Ages

i. 5km & 10km race: those who have completed the 18th year of their age

ii. 1000m races: for high school students

iii. 500m races: for primary school students

iv. 500m Races: for people with disabilities

• Solemn Declaration

All participants must sign electronically, upon registration, a statement stating that:

I also responsibly declare that I have recently undergone a medical examination and I am perfectly healthy to participate in this sporting activity. I fully accept responsibility for any injury or accident that may be caused to and from the venue of the race, or during it, as well as for anything that may occur during my participation in the race, such as falls, bad weather, traffic, but also poor ground condition of the route. I waive any requirement from the organizers, sponsors and anyone directly or indirectly involved in the conduct of the race and I accept that the above persons bear no legal responsibility for anything that may arise during my participation. I still give my approval to the organizers to use my photos or videos from the race, or any other recording without having any financial requirements. I accept the terms, I read the announcement.

For minors, after the electronic registration, the printed Solemn Declaration must be signed by a parent or guardian and submitted to the secretariat printed on the day of the race to receive the participation number. There will be responsible statements in the race secretariat or you can download it from• Route- Location

The races will be held in the area of Kouri Almyros Forest.

• Prizes – Awards

All participants will be awarded commemorative diplomas and medals (wooden). Prizes will be awarded to the first three winners.

• Races Schedule

16:00 – 17:00 Secretariat function for receiving participation numbers

17:00 start of children’s races 500m, 1,000m and 500m for people with disabilities

18:00 start of 5km and 10km races

award ceremony after the end of the races

• Information – Announcements –- Results

All announcements related to the race, the results and the photos and videos are published on the website .

Information at Delizisis Giannis 6936868635, Kyriazis Kostas 6994583137

• Registrations

Participation in the race is free for children and 5 euros for adults.


Applications are accepted until Wednesday 27 April 2022.
Note. The event will also have a charitable character (gathering of long-lasting food to strengthen the social Grocery and the Galini houses of the Municipality of Almyros).


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