ANNOUNCEMENT OF CHANGE DATE: Due to technical problems, and for the best organization for the conduct of the 8th Kavousi mountain races, we postpone the date of the races by one week, for SUNDAY, October 23. Those who have already registered can apply for the new date. All those who have registered will be informed by email. The date will be announced soon regarding the payment method. Thank you for your support in our fights, and we are waiting for you on the new date of October 23 in Kavousi. Farewell and good races to all of you.

The Cultural Association of Anousi announced the holding of the Mountain Running Races in Kavousi, Ierapetra, on Sunday, May 29, 2022 at 9:30 in the morning.

The rare beauty of the wild landscape of the area, of the ancient cobbled streets. of gorges and forests make it one of the most distinctive races. Applications will be open electronically from January 20 and will last until May 12, 2022 in the evening.

Start time Sunday 29 May 9:30 a.m.

The Races – Routes

Mountain race 21.5 km D ± 1630 m.,

Start time Sunday 29 May 09:30 am. in a group of 40 people with a participation hour of 120.

Mountain race 8 km D ± 400 m Start time Sunday 29 May 10:00 am in a group of 40 people with a participation limit of 160.

In beautiful landscapes of the mountainous area of ​​the area, the race of 21.5 km takes place (positive / negative altitude ± 1300 m., 80% path). The 8 km race (positive / negative altitude ± 400m. 70% trail) runs through the beautiful valley of Augos on old trails that were recently cleared and accessible after decades of abandonment. Athletes will get to know the unique gorge of Mesona and Ha green area of ​​Avgo and you can enjoy the endless view of the bay of Mirabello and the Cretan Sea with the aroma of the herbs of the area to accompany you all the way.

The categories for the 21 km race will be as follows:

1) General classification of Men

2) General classification of Women

3) Men18-39

4) Women 18-39

5) Veteran Men 40-49

6) Veteran women 40-49

7) Veteran Men 50-59

8) Veteran women over 50

9) Veteran men over 60

The categories for the 8 km race will be as follows:

1) General classification of Men

2) General classification of Women

The first three winners of each category will receive a cup. All participants in the 21.5 km and 8 km races will receive a technical T-shirt and a heavy medal.

Participation fee

The cost of participation for the race of 21.5 km is 15 euros, for the race of 10 km is 10 euros, the amount will be paid to a bank account that the event will send to the athletes who will register by email to be valid their registration. Eligible to participate are male and female athletes over the age of 18 who have been vaccinated or have a disease certificate or present a negative rapid test of 48 hours or a pcr of 72 hours. Informing athletes We inform the athletes who wish to go on the day of the race by bus, that there will be transportation by bus of the organization to and from Heraklion. The event will publish the details soon. The races will be conducted by electronic timing.


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