The Department of Sports of the Municipality of Rethymnon, and the Rethymno Health Runners Association with the support of the Region of Crete, the Regional Unit of Rethymnon, and in collaboration with the Cultural Associations of the Municipal Unit of Nikiforos Fokas ‘ ,announce the 7th ” NIKIFOREIO ROAD ”.


The aim of the event is the development of sports tourism, as well as the encouragement for everyone, regardless of age, to participate in sporting activities and at the same time, through sport, to highlight the rich inland of the Municipality of Rethymno, highlighting the historical and natural beauty of the place.

The program of the event includes:
1) 22.400m Road Race (1000m dirt road)
2) Road Race and Dynamic Walking 5.300m.,
3) 2 x 11,200m Intersection,
4) Children’s race 1,200m.
5) Children’s race 2,000m.
6) 22.400m bike rides.
7) Normal Walking Route
8) Race with 22.400m pairs

The above actions will take place on Sunday, April 26, 2020.

With your online registration:
• 10 euros for the race of 22,400 meters until 31 March and 15 euros after the above date.
• 20 euros for the two-man race 22.400m until 31 March and 30 euros after the above date.
• 5 euros per person for the 2×11.200m relay race. until 31 March and 10 euros after the above date
• 5 euros for the 5,000 meters race, until 31 March and 10 euros after the above date.
• Children’s games are free.
• 22,400m free bike ride
• Free photography.
• Memorial T-shirt
• Commemorative gifts (Sports Backpack and socks for the first 200 neat cash registrations)
• Participation number with built-in timing chip
• Traditional Finish Meal
ANEK LINES – BLUE STAR FERRIES for the first thirty (30) participants outside of CRETE before and after the event offers a 50% discount to and from CRETE.


Applications can be sent to:

A) By clicking on the following link:

B) via the Municipality’s e-mail address:

C) By submitting the application form to the office of the Department of Sport (Ιndoor gym”Melina Mercouri”) 08.00-15.00 E-mail:
Entries for the best event must be sent by Wednesday, April 22, 2020, at 2:00 pm. Once the entries above are filled, the event reserves the right to close the entries.

In order to complete your participation you will have to pay the appropriate fee
 within 4 days of registration.
 The deposit account is 258 / 005195-03 NATIONAL BANK OF GREECE.
                       IBAN: GR76 0110 2580 0000 2580 0519 503

 Deposit to the above bank account should include the full name Registration fee payment up to 31 March is (10 euros 22,400, & 20 euros Couple Biathlon, 5 euros 5,300m, & Trekking.) Registration fees after 31 March are adjusted, at 15 euros, 30 euros and 10 euros respectively)

Also upon receipt of your participation package you will be presented with the proof of payment at the secretariat of the event.
 Those who have paid and who have not participated in the event of the competition are not entitled to a refund and the organization is not obliged to deliver the souvenirs.

Each runner receives an athlete bag that includes (applies to 22,400m race participants 2×11,200m race, 5,300m race and Binocular race):
• Participation number with integrated timing chip,
• Shields for entry number
• Memorial T-shirt
• Souvenir Gifts (Backpack etc)
Entries, if available, are accepted after registration closes and on the day of the race one hour before the start. At a cost of € 15 for the 22,400m race & € 30m for the two-race Diathlon race, and € 10 each (2×11,200 Race Track & 5,300m race).

ATTENTION: All details listed in the attached entry form must be fully completed.


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