The fastest … Vouliagmeni appointment

“Runs” on the lake

Vouliagmeni is famous for its beauty and tranquility, but it has been running for the last 7 years and it is doing well! So good that the entries in the now established Run the Lake are overflowing.

So for the 8th year this year the aspiring winners (as each one defines himself, depending on the goal he sets out to be a professional, or an amateur) will start on the 18nd of December and return to finish in the classic.

The symbol of the enchanting 3B municipality (Vari, Voula, Vouliagmeni) will once again welcome runners from all over the basin and abroad, on a magnificent route around the sea, at distances of 10 km and 5 km, as well as the children’s race.

The race has now become an institution on the roads, attracting more runners each year and sending a message of solidarity and support, supporting vulnerable groups.

Run the Lake is co-organized by the Municipality of Vari, Voula Vouliagmeni, Lake Vouliagmeni and the Association of Runners of the Southern Suburbs of Attica “EFKLIS”.


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